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Subject: 18 D... any suggestions?
barne2d2    11/2/2006 1:01:55 PM
I am going into the 18X program with the NG (hopefully). I understand all the mental and physical aspects of the training. I've been reading the other posts on how to prepare myself for that and I think i have a handle on it. I am more concerned with the specialty training portion. Are the candidates allowed to choose their "specialty" (weapons, comms, medical, etc.) or does the unit (20th NG SF unit in my case) choose it for you? And if so, are their any 18 D guys on the board that can give me any suggestions for the Medical course? I just finished EMT and want to continue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but preferrably from those who know what's going on from experience.
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Horsesoldier       11/2/2006 5:09:52 PM
The bad news:  When it's all said and done, pipeline options for NG 18Xs are based on the needs of the unit.
The good news:  Everyone needs 18 Deltas.  I'd be amazed if a line company in 19th or 20th Group were full up on medic sergeant slots.
Where in 20th Group are you looking at going? 
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barne2d2       11/2/2006 11:25:53 PM
3rd battalion out of Camp Blanding, Fl
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