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Subject: SOF question
EW3    7/30/2006 4:25:50 AM
Have been reading a bit about the Netfires system and it strikes me that it could be useful for SOFs. My thinking is that it is deployable via C-130 and helicopters so it can go in with the operators. This would provide some heavy firepower for the first deployed. Instead of relying on air assets, if the SOFs ran into problems they could unleash their own rockets in a box in a matter of seconds. Rather than waiting 10 minutes or more for an airstrike, you can put metal on target in 1 or 2 minutes. Further the LAM provides a recon capability much like a UAV but it's integrated into the same package. My guess is this would have been very useful in western Iraq. In GWI to kill SCUDs, in GWII to block off the roads to Syria. Opinions?
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