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Subject: (no subject)
Boondocks    7/20/2006 1:41:43 AM
I play in an Airsoft. (Basically BB guns that are replicas of of real weapons and shoot plastic bb's) I play in a game at Ft. Knox at a village that a lot spec ops use to train called Zussman called Operation Irene around Oct 1st of every year to remember the Black Hawk Down incident. (It is a mock middle eastern town) One side is led by former Ranger Danny McNight. (Played by Tom Sizemore in the movie) And the other is led by Ex-Ranger Howard "Mad Max" Mullen. (He co-wrote the Army's Hand to Hand combat manual. I know a lot of people want to ask McKnight about that day and if the backup was really a crucial part, but I don't know if it is a good idea. I do not want to offend him and I do not know if it is appropriate. Any Suggestions? Another thing if anybody is ineterseted it is a lot of fun and is for a good cause.
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mough    RE:(no subject)   7/20/2006 4:35:11 AM
kind of inappropriate t ask him, he lost menthat advice, leave it well alone, if he wanted to talk to you about it, he would have.
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Boondocks    RE:(no subject)   7/20/2006 10:29:34 AM
Thanks for the advice. I think that is why a lot of the guys, including myself were hesitant. This reassures me that it wouldn't be appropriate.
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