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Subject: Somalia
Boondocks    7/20/2006 12:16:30 AM
I am on a roll, so I hope you all do not mind listenning and giving your opinion. I have to start by saying that I am a hard core conservative. (Sometimes I say I am a republican but right now they are ticking me off) I am a huge supporter of the military and wish that I had served but circumstances made it difficult. (Not that is an excuse but Physically I am still paying for things I did earlier in my life) Anyway, I was wondering what anyones thoughts were on Somalia and Africa? It ticks me off that we had a chance in 1993 to take care of this but because Clinton did not have the gonads to stay the course I think we will be there next if we are not in this ISREAL/The whole middle east war. I watched a special on the Black Hawk Down situation in 1993. Clinton in my opinion got those guys killed and even in the special they indirectly (And directly. One of the fathers of one the fallen Rangers blamed Clinton in a hearing, saying that while he was on the golf course and denying the neccesary gunships and armour for backup while his son was dying) say that not having the right backup (armour) really made the difference. I am sure there are other reasons but I know this is a main reason. That should tell people how tough our men and women are and especially our spec ops troops. They were under all those odds and still made that mission a complete success, from a mission objective stand point. They were up against of a whole city of pissed off people.(I am from Pittsburgh, Pa and sometimes I imagine myself being dropped in the middle of Pittsburgh without knowing the odds are already against me, not having the proper back-up and having to fight and see my fellow soldiers die. It is hard to imagine. They succeded by capturing their target but just got screwed by old Billy boy and the rest of the powers above. We went in there to "help" the people of Somalia. I am not saying we should not have stepped in, after all over 300,000 people were getting slaugheterd but you stay the course. Thats the American politicians, get involved and then when it is not popular anymore or it will affect you politically you cut and run and who cares who gets screwed. (I want to make this clear, this has nothing to do with our fine men and women in our military who fight for our freedom everyday. This is directed to the higher powers.) Look at what happened with Chiang Kai-Chek and Mao Tse Tung in the early part of the 1900's. We were backing the man that believed in democracy and our allie (MAO) and the russians were backing Chek. We quit backing Mao and the Russians and Chek gained power and china has been communist ever since. Now we have to deal with it. Same in Nam and Korea. Everyone wants to say "why the Vietnam war and why Vietnam"? My opinion is why not? Were we just supposed to let communism spread everywhere? It just happened there at that time. Same with Korea. We could have stayed the course. Now we have to deal with Mr. weapons of mass destruction, kim jong a-hole. My point is if we had stayed the course in 1993 and helped defeat radical Islam in that region then (And they knew it was radical islam then and knew how dangerous it was they just didn't want to say it was Islam) then we wouldn't have to go right back in there eventually, which think is exactly where we will be in the next couple of years if not sooner. Northern Africa and places like the phillipines makes Afghan, Iran, Iraq and the rest of the middle east look docile. The phillipines is something like 90% Muslim. This spreads like the plague. I might be harsh but I think a lot of people feel this way. There is a story which cannot be confirmed about a U.S. general in, I believe the Phillipines in 1911. Radical Islamic terrorist were acting up and to put a stop to it the general ordered the U.S. soldiers to take the dead terrorist that they already killed and bury them in graves with pigs blood, guts and all kinds of swine parts. They then took the blind fold off of the last survivor that they let live of the group and showed him. He was so freaked out and went back and told the rest and you did not hear anything about terrorism in thast area for something like 50 years. (For anyone who does not know Muslims hate pigs worse than Jewish people. Jewish people just won't eat it because they look at them as unclean but Muslims take it further and think that if they eat, come in contact with them or their blood then they are not clean and cannot go to heaven) Since these people do not care about dying and think that all infidels must die and there will be 11 or whatever amount of virgins waiting for them in heaven then we should make it a point to use this to our benefit. There is also a story of marines that supposedly dipped there bullets in bacon grease before they went into Fallujah and made sure the resistence knew but I do not know if this is true. Anyway, I am just angry because people always ask me "why we don't just leave Iraq?" They do not know histo
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USN-MID    RE:Somalia   7/20/2006 12:51:54 AM
Good lord, how is anybody supposed to respond to that? Seriously, you went from discussing Somalia and Africa to using psychological warfare against Muslim insurgents. And you might want to do some fact checking. We support Chiang Kai Shek(if you want to refer to his last name it's Chiang, not Shek) and the Soviets supported Mao(communist), not the other way around. Also, the Phillippines aren't 90% Muslim. They were colonized by the Spanish for a very long time, and Catholicism is very strong over there. I'm sure you might have some good points, but when it's that long-winded and full of run-ons it's really hard to figure out what you're trying to say.
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mough    RE:Somalia   7/20/2006 1:06:11 AM
I'm sure you might have some good points, but when it's that long-winded and full of run-ons it's really hard to figure out what you're trying to say.<< agreed, it's annoying trying to read that. you probably made good point's somewhere, it's just I can't find them.
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Boondocks    RE:Somalia   7/20/2006 1:22:59 AM
I guess sometimes I do not get that forums are supposed to be short and sweat. Sorry about that. I guess I just get on a roll and things just come to my head. I sometimes try to explain things and use so many different examples that I kinda loose people. Not to mention I can't write for crap anyway. I will try not to do that from now on this forum. I will take it one at a time. I just wanted to know anyones thoughts on Somalia past (Blakhawk Down) and future(Whether we will go to war there and if it could have been avoided.) And if Clinton had anything to do with it? I was just using examples of how in the past of how we have not stayed the course and the consequences. I made a mistake on the China example. As far as the phillipines I stand corrected but I heard it is bad. I am not saying that I am right or wrong on these examples and admit I do not know all the facts on each or for that matter much at all. I just wanted to know your opinions. I also do not want anyone to think that I think that all muslims are bad and we should punish all of them. I just think we need to look at there record and if they are using very unconventional tactics (Running planes into buildings) then maybe we ought to get nasty.
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Carl S    RE:Somalia   7/20/2006 7:21:39 AM
Log posts can be done. The proper technique is to write them first on a word processing program, then after editing and checking paste the text to the discussion board. this allowes you cut all those regrretable remarks before tossing them into public view.
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Boondocks    RE:Somalia   7/21/2006 2:56:06 AM
"And you might want to do some fact checking. We support Chiang Kai Shek(if you want to refer to his last name it's Chiang, not Shek) and the Soviets supported Mao(communist), not the other way around." It's not that hard to figure out what I am saying if you read it. Again do you think that we will be back in Somalia because Clinton did not finish it in the first place. ( And because this is a Spec Ops forum I will make it more clear, Do you think that our Spec Ops will be back into Somalia because Clinton did not do his job in the first place?) Is that clear enough USN-MID? And I am sorry that I do not know my facts as much as, obviously you do, but as far as China you know what I am trying to say and don't act like you don't. I tried to be cool but obviously you feel that insulting me and being a smart A-- is appropriate so tell me, Do you think that we would have the PROBLEM with China that we are having now if we would have backed ( I'm sorry I used his last name) but Chiang. And also, Phillipines=colonized by the Spanish for a very long time, and Catholicism is very strong over there. Whatever, the point is Phillipines=Hot bed for terrorism, period. It maybe long winded but I do believe that I use valid examples to get my point across that I think that the U.S. gets involved in conflicts and pulls out due to political pressure and people like Clinton being a P-ssy. Do you agree? Sorry for my RUN ONS maybe I am just not quite the scholar you are, but for you I will try to be more understandable and not use run ons in future posts. Long winded? Maybe but I have a lot on my mind and thought I would ask EXPERTS on their advice but I guess you feel that making me feel like an A-- is more appropriate. So like I said I will get my facts right next time, SIR. By the way MOUGH again I am sorry I was ANNOYING but I do have some good facts. Try reading it again. I was trying to be cool but if you read what you wrote would you be cool? No, so Again I am sorry about that. i was just trying to ask your opinions but obviously I did not have the proper echnique. sorry Carls I will try better next time.
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USN-MID    RE:Somalia   7/21/2006 9:53:01 AM
Wow, that was totally out of left field. ...are you suffering from bipolar personality disorder?
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Boondocks    RE:Somalia   7/21/2006 11:47:34 PM
Actually no I do not. I just thought I could try to start a decent thread and get peoples input about a topic that I found interesting. Yes maybe I went off subject a little or a lot but I thought I could get a decent answer but I guess not. I am taking myself off this forum because I cannot get anyone to answer me in a decent way. I do not think the question about Somalia was that far fetched. Maybe the long way I asked it was a little much but I thought you could get what I was saying. I just do not like being insulted. Hey! Whatever, you guys have a nice time. Really, Navy Seals vs. Recon, Army Rangers vs. Green Berets, DA vs. UW. This unit vs. that unit is idiotic. Maybe I didn't explain my question or thoughts about Somalia as clear as it could have been but at least is was a question that actually was worth chatting about. Not Navy Seals vs. British SAS. Let me guess whats next G.I. Joe vs. Ninja Turtles? I'd have to say Turtles on that one. Adios Fellas!
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EW3    RE:Somalia   7/21/2006 11:57:43 PM
Adios Boondocks. You will not be missed.
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mough    RE:Somalia   7/22/2006 11:09:27 AM
Boondock, my post was that I literally could not follow your point, full stop's, punctuation and paragraph break's man, they make the world of differenc, now, get the sand out of your ass crack, and come back and debate the issue you raised.
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USN-MID    RE:Somalia   7/22/2006 2:01:18 PM
I just really think it's funny he responds to my post in two completely different ways, on two separate days. I honestly think he's got some mental issues he needs to work out with a medical professional.
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