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Subject: Room to room combat>Full auto. vs 3 round burst, claymore?
Professor Fickle    5/16/2006 4:43:38 PM
I have herd several times on many forums that, Special forces don’t use full auto any more. They use 3 round burst. That makes sense at long ranges where the bullet spread is bad. But what about room to room combat? What if you turn a corner and there is 3 to 4 “enemies “in the room all holding guns and your gun only has 3 round burst? Wouldn’t you need full auto here? Look at this idea. First picture top It has a vary small 40mm grenade launcher that Screams it is mainly put their to use as a buck shot “rifle claymore” style.? (got to love the Russians ) :-) Your opinions please!?!
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shek    RE:Room to room combat>Full auto. vs 3 round burst, claymore?   5/16/2006 10:16:33 PM
Professor Fickle, This is a dead horse. Go to the Weapons of the World forum and look at the Good Riddance M16 thread. Bottomline, single shots fired in controlled pairs in the best tactic during Close Quarters Combat. You don't enter and clear rooms by your lonesome, and many shots that don't hit d!ck are worthless, while controlled pairs in the lethal zone will make you the Grand Prize Winner! Also, US SOF carbines have full auto. Please read the other thread as I think that you'll find it very in-depth and comprehensive on this topic.
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