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Subject: Why Chirac didn't send French Army in Irak?
The Frenchman    4/14/2006 10:12:10 AM
In my opinion ths real reasons are: -Chirac knows well Sadam Hussein. -FRANCE had important economic interest in Irak, Nuclear and petroleum, weapons... -France has the biggest arabic-muslim comunauty in Europa (Between 5 and 10 millions, impossible to know the truth) -The Arabic-muslim communauty will be able to vote for the next presidential elections on 2007 (The kids born in France and old immigrants)so he needs their votes f he wants to keep his job. -France had big problems of terrorim well before USA and uk, SO Chirac is really Afraid to be under news attacks in France... I think the real reasons are those, Chirac was sure that there was't any toxic weapons in Irak cause the DGSE was very active in Irak, we know now that Chirac was right...but he had to tell the truth cause why he didn't want to send French Army in Irak. Now I think Bush was wrong to send US Army in Irak, the real problem is Syria, Iran and North Korea not Irak... And for France the biggest problem is how to do with the big arabic-muslim communauty in France now? Send them to Irak may be?
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