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LJ813    7/1/2005 9:34:17 PM
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - GOP   7/19/2005 10:01:41 PM
Considering how my goal has always been to either be in US Marine Force Recon or the SEAL's, I picked up the book Down Range by Dick Couch, which is about SEAL's in the WOT, for a little more research. He says that to go from boot camp to being ready for deployment is about 3 years of training overall, and he mentions everything you do. I have no earthly idea where I got 6 weeks, it is More like 160 weeks. Thanks for the info
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S.C.P    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   8/4/2005 7:47:44 AM
Well Technically as has been said you should put it like: SAS vs Delta SBS vs SEALS I don't think the US Rangers or Green Berets are quite on the same level as any of the above. They are more similar to the UK Paras and Royal Marine Commandos. They are neither conventional or specaial forces. Although I think the British Royal Marine Commandos and US Green Berets are pretty much top notch and come close to being special forces in some aspects of their training, and they both wear Green Berets!
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   9/26/2005 2:36:58 PM
How are we comparing them? Operationally. The SAS do classical counter terrorist operations, they are door kickers and spend most of there time practicing kicking in doors, going undercover, doing HALO, and rappelling. The SEALs specialize in classical underwater operations, they are divers and spend most of their time diving, swimming, jumping from helicopters, and some HALO. You can't compare these two operationally because they have very different missions. Training. The SEALs go through very harsh training at BUD's, probably the -hardest - training in the world; Hell week is unmatched in pressure, stress, physical fatigue, and mental fatigue, but BUD's is short. After Hell week, training is nowhere near as intense. The SAS go through alot of land nav courses and also do a good bit of running, but it is not as intense as BUDs and is a more casual experience (you are treated like a human being, not a abused animal). The SAS course is much longer and it is very hard on your feet. Both training courses are very effective for what they are trying to teach. BUD's and follow up training produces top quality Combat divers and Maritime operaters. The SAS training course (I do not know what it is called) produces top-quality Land nav and counter-terrorist commandos. There is no way to compare training, as both is extremely hard and 'hard' is different for every person. For example, some SAS commandos may have trouble swimming from one side of an olympic sized pool and back underwater, but some SEALs might have trouble completing a timed land nav course in which you do not know the distance only the time you have to make it in. Reptutation. The SAS wins this one, as they are thought of as the best in the world by almost everyone. This is probably not fair to the other SOF forces, but they have earned their reputation (even if it is a little bloated). Who would win in a fight. Well, since there is roughly 5,000 Navy SEALs and 500 or so SAS, I am going with the SEAL's :)
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Patriot-Brit    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   10/29/2005 6:29:51 PM
Well what about where the two helicopters crashed in together, carrying Navy Seals, or where the Seals Killed 2 British troops after trying to enter a prison. The British SAS are more elite by far. For example the turkish embassy siege, the British SAS are far more elite, you should be comparing the Seals to the Royal Marines, who in my opinion are far more elite!
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/29/2005 11:37:09 PM
Your facts are way...way off. The SAS should be compared to Delta, I agree, but SEALs should in no freakin way ever, ever, ever be compared to Royal Marine Commandos. SEALs are far more 'elite' on average. SEALs would run and laugh through the RM commando training course, whereas the RM commandos would be in extremely bad shape. I know that the Brits focus much more on running than upper body strength, try having your commandos do 750 pushups (or 'pressups') in 1 hour, run 4 miles carrying a 120 lb RIB on their head every meal (and everywhere they go), swim 1-2 miles in open ocean, paddle their RIB twice that distance...and do it all in 1 day with no sleep (in hell week) Not too pretty for your guys
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Patriot-Brit    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/30/2005 4:43:21 AM
the SAS have years of training in other services before they are recruited into the SAS. The SAS are such a small number of men, because only the most elite are aloud to join! for the SAS 10 out of 125 make it! unlike the Americans that shoot anything that moves, the SAS actually aim to kill. And unlike the seals the SAS don't have to use weapons, for example Peterhead prison, where they took the prison without firing a single shot through stealth. SAS training is very tough compared to delta, on 2 occasions soldiers have died from how difficult it is. The royal marines have been in service for hundreds of years, and they always get the job done, unlike the seals, who on many attempts kill each other through friendly fire before they have even started! Even though you have all the new equipment, the SAS and RMC, SBS are much better trained for the job!
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Yimmy    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/30/2005 8:29:24 AM
Oh please, why are you two bothering?
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Liver    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/30/2005 10:19:57 AM
My dad can beat up your dad! ..... and i can p*ss higher than yoooo! :P
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/30/2005 2:11:07 PM
>"Oh please, why are you two bothering?"< I was just teasing for the most part, but... I just don't like his attitude of "SEALS are not elite, Royal Marine Commandos are better/more elite than SEALs"...when in actuality, SEAL training is the most physically intense training in the world. Of course, there is no way to prove this, so it is irrelevant. Delta and the SAS have a exchange program, and they are both basically equal in terms of skill, quality, and size. The Royal Marine commandos and the SEALs would never have a exchange program, because they have different missions and skill sets. To be fair, most SEALs would have a hard time with the running part of the RM training, wheras almost all RM commandos would have a extremely hard time doing the pushups, dips, chinups, and obstacle courses that go with SEAL training. What is the dropout rate of the RM Commandos? The SEAL dropout rate is 15%, and their have been 4-5 classes that have passed no one. >"The royal marines have been in service for hundreds of years, and they always get the job done, unlike the seals, who on many attempts kill each other through friendly fire before they have even started!"< The RM are light infantry, they do not do the type of high-octane, high speed missions that the SEALs least, not on their own. They are usually a blocking/security force, sort of like the US Army Rangers. The RM relies on overwhelming force to take down a target, whearas the SEALs are trained to work in either 4 man, 8 man, or 12 man teams...they take down a target by stealth, speed, and suprise. This is as far as this needs to go, because it is not important and impossible to prove, we are both starting to sound like idiots
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Patriot-Brit    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - Patriot-Brit   10/31/2005 4:54:07 AM
yer i agree. well the motto for the RM is '99.9% need not apply' so i guess its somewhere around that number! and i suppose that you have got to hand it to the SAS because they are known for being the most elite unit throughout the world, but who knows!
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