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LJ813    7/1/2005 9:34:17 PM
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Lanton    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   7/1/2005 11:42:29 PM
Shouldn't the thread be titled 'NAVY SEALS VS SBS'? Comparing apples and oranges like this is nonsense anyway. The Navy Seals are trained and equipped for a multitude of tasks not primarily focused on the kind of warfare practised by units like Delta and the SAS. Although i've read that the Navy Seals have been actively involved in land warfare operations in conjunction with Delta and the Army's other special forces/raider units. As for the SAS, well, they've got the most rigorous selection and training regime in the world, plus each trooper is trained in a multitude of tasks allowing that individual to reasonably operate in a team or individually in any environment anywhere in the world.
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Britain_patriot    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   7/2/2005 7:47:45 AM
I would go for the SBS, but i would say that
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   7/2/2005 4:45:00 PM
The British SAS, man for man, is better. SEALs train for about 6 weeks or so, the SAS trains for over a year, so as far as who is better trained, it is obvious that it is the SAS. Who is better at taking as oil rig from terrorists? No question the SEALs, because that is what they are trained to do (the SAS would have to parachute in). I have heard that the SEAL's are better than the SBS, but I have no way of knowing or proving that.
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shek    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   7/2/2005 6:41:26 PM
BUDS is much longer than 6 weeks. As for who is better, who cares. They both kick ass and are on the same side, and that's what I care about.
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firstblood    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS   7/4/2005 9:47:36 PM
You should compare the SAS with Army Green Berets and Army Delta Force operators. And you should compare the SBS with Navy Seals. And don't forget about Naval Special Warfare Development Group(DevGru), wich is the Navy Seals Elite Counter-Terrorism unit.
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EW3    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - GOP   7/8/2005 9:43:35 AM
SEALs train for about 6 weeks or so It's actually a lot closer to 2 years.
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moughoun1    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - GOP   7/9/2005 6:03:34 PM
utterly stupid pointless thread
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firstblood    utterly stupid pointless thread    7/12/2005 10:08:21 PM
why are you reading and replying to it then?
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GOP    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - GOP   7/16/2005 3:17:53 PM
I had no idea. I thought it was only 6 weeks.
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EW3    RE:NAVY SEALS VS BRITISH SAS - GOP   7/16/2005 4:05:47 PM
Understood, they don't exactly advertise it ;) Some idea of the training cycle: 1. Navy bootcamp in a special SEAL candidate unit (brutal) about 12 weeks. 2. 'A' school for a tech skill like gunners mate, but with a SEAL twist. (6mo) 3. Six months of BUD/S After that they are assigned to a team. Where they recieve 6-12 months more of on the job training with the team. They aren't really considered "operators" till this is over.
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