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Subject: MH370 headed for Diego Garcia
reefdiver    3/18/2014 5:13:33 PM
Items are on websites about the MH370 pilot having the Diego Garcia runway on his flight simulator ( ), a "jumbo jet" passing very low over the south tip of the Maldives 456 miles to the North of Diego Garcia - at just a glance appearing to be the right timing ( ), and then there is speculation suggesting the flight might have headed to Diego Garcia as part of a "super rendition" ( ). If the flight was headed for Diego Garcia, doesn't it seem more plausible it was to destroy the B-2's and B-52's parked there? The pilot could have just declared an emergency and plowed into the B-2 hangars, or down the row of B-52's (assuming all are there). I would note, if Iran was ever to be bombed by the US, I'd think the bombers might originate here... Yeah, I love a good conspiracy. Plausible or not?
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