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Subject: Fighter Squadron Locations
Aussiegunneragain    2/3/2010 6:54:11 AM
I was over in WA last year and saw the Hawk trainers operating around RAAF Pearce near Perth, as well as driving by RAAF Learmonth, the bare base near Exmouth which doubles as the local airport. It occurred to me that it seems a bit strange that the RAAF locates an introductory bascic and fast jet flight training facility so close to the bare bases where they would most likely have to deploy frontline fighters during a defence of Australia scenario, but operates three quarters of its frontline fighter fleet out of Williamstown in New South Wales. I know we aren't expecting an attack anytime soon, but it seems to me that it would be smarter to swap the two facilities around to improve the speed of deployment?The big issue that springs to mind is that fighter deployment from Williamstown to Curtain or Learmonth would ikely involves at least one stop or alternatively support from the RAAF tankers, which might be required on operational missions at the time that the fighters are being deployed.
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Aussiegunneragain       2/6/2010 11:24:35 PM

Base your units and formations where the recruiting pool is and locate your training facilities, along with the required equipment, adjacent to the most geographically suitable areas, then fly the troops in and out.
Or in places where people don't mind moving to.

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Robbo       3/1/2010 10:08:52 AM
I'm a born and bred Melbournian, the major reason I joined the choco's instead of ARA is because I don't want to live in Darwin or Townsville, simple as that. I know of at least a dozen or so others that feel the same way both ORs and officers. With more units in Adelaide and Brisvegas there's more chance of a large city posting, but the majority is still in the tropics, knowing my luck SCMA would swing the other way and send me to Wagga Wagga for a two year posting!
Just my two cents but if there was more of a chance of spending most of my career in one of the capitals I'd have joined up after School or Uni.
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