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Subject: military base security
thruster    8/5/2009 8:50:05 PM
hi. i dont often feel i have much constructive to add, but i thought i'd chip in with this: theres obvious talk recently of the adequacy of unarmed civilian security contractors and suggestions that either they be armed or put soldiers back on to gate guard duty. my suggestion is that i think its prudent to arm the civilian security guards to start with. however, would it not be a good idea to issue weapons and 'a mag' of ammo to soldiers/sailors/airmen whilst on base as a routine, instead of having them locked away in the armoury? this way, god forbid if any clown does infiltrate a base to kill and destroy then each soldier is instantly reactive. this situation is already routine for troops on ops, why not at home? seems an effective solution to me. what do you guys think?? cheers.
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Volkodav       8/14/2009 6:53:29 AM
Why not look at creating a number of Depot Battalions to provide base services, including security, as well as a training cadre to maintain skill bases that may otherwise be lost to units on long deployments overseas.
This type of unit could also serve as a hub for reserve units to bring up there standards through regular training and exercising with regular troops.
It would also provide a home posting to aid in the retention of experienced personnel by giving them a break from operations without leaving the ADF or their ECN.
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BLUIE006       8/15/2009 11:36:58 PM

i agree with the comments, tho to my simplistic brain the ROEs would be pretty straight forward:

its commonwealth property, well sign posted and 'advertised'. therefore ADF security have the right to

-halt and search

-detain pending transfer to civilian authority

-open fire when fired at or imminent threat thereof, to protect life and property

-a definition of a rogue vehicle would be required to account for a VIED that has breached the gate.

tho, when you think of it, is it so different than what the APS currently do in australia.


as in my first post, how cheap and easy to solve this would it be to simply issue a weapon and a mag as each member or even a designated QRF as they presented for duty each day.

Have a read of this article, I found it quite interesting, seems they have quite a lot of power, under the right conditions but it?s quite a fine line.

Tarrant, Dr John.2008. Australian Defence Force Powers to Arrest and Detain Civilians (p44-61). Australia Defence Force Journal. Issue 177 (P 44-61).  


This article outlines the power of ADF members to arrest or detain civilians in certain circumstances. It is quite defined but there are a lot of various provisions and potential grey areas, It would be critical that ADF members were made aware of the very different provisions that apply under different statutes. ADF members would need to be critically aware of whether they are operating in a defence installation, Commonwealth premises, special defence undertakings, defence practice area, a prohibited area or some other location. They also need to be familiar with the types of offences that give rise to the power to arrest or detain. If ADF members are participating in a call out they need to know whether special powers have been included in the call out order which may include the power to detain. They also need to know the boundaries of general security areas and designated areas within any general security area.

 N.B: The consequences of making an unlawful arrest, or detaining a person without a legal basis,can expose both the Commonwealth, and the ADF member to liability for false imprisonment unless there is a statutory restriction on such actions.

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