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Subject: Australian Camo Color Specs
ArtyEngineer    3/12/2009 12:54:48 PM
Anyone know where I can get the specs for the camo paint used on your vehicles? Regards Arty
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nutbagbob       3/12/2009 7:34:38 PM
first post be nice
I know that the black is kill rust matt black, don't know about the other two sorry.
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DropBear    Arty   3/12/2009 8:04:48 PM
Do you mean something like this...
Oz Army three colour disruptive paint pattern (DPP) consisting of:
1. Camouflage Green - Olive drab lustreless. reference 7650/ADE(M) 146-1/1
2. Camouflage brown - US Federal Standard 595a 30219
3. Black - US Federal Standard 595a 37038
4. Pilbara Brown - US Federal Standard 595a 30109
These are derived from the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS). Other ADF colours are found under this scheme.
Camouflage Green is what the former "Olive Drab" was known when adopted from late 1967. IIRC around November of that year.
Our own APAS scheme was adopted as the former British Standard BS381c No224 DBG was seen as not entirely suitable.
Hope this helps.
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ArtyEngineer    DB   3/13/2009 1:09:27 AM
That is exactly what I needed, dont suppose you have the NSN for these paints?  No worries if you dont.
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gf0012-aust       3/13/2009 4:36:39 AM
AE.  USALO rang me re prev issue.  gave me a bum steer.  back in Canb Wed so email me back
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ArtyEngineer    GF   3/13/2009 11:56:53 AM

AE.  USALO rang me re prev issue.  gave me a bum steer.  back in Canb Wed so email me back

Roger that, will shoot you an email this evening.  Currently in the field surfing the web on my Blackberry but for some reason cant send and recieve emails. 
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