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Subject: 400 Iraqis accept ADF offer to live in Australia
gf0012-aust    2/24/2009 3:37:50 AM
400 Iraqis accept ADF offer to live in Australia compliments of aunty... The Federal Immigration Department says just over 400 Iraqis employed by the Defence Force have accepted the Government's offer to move to Australia. Last year the Government created a special class of visa for Iraqi citizens who had been employed as translators and drivers by the Australian forces in Iraq. The department's Peter Hughes has told a Senate estimates committee in Canberra there is a number of reasons why the initial estimate of 600 visa applicants has not yet been met. "Whether the people wanted to take up the offer, because obviously some people would be happy to remain where they live and not necessarily take up the risk," he said. "So it was always an estimate and at this stage, a bit over 400 people have taken up the offer."
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