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Subject: Aussie Aviation Icon To Return To The Sky.
Volkodav    8/19/2008 9:05:34 AM
June 2008 The first steps towards the relaunch of the Australian designed Nomad twin turboprop aircraft were taken at a ceremony marking the hand over of the type certificate from Boeing Australia to Gippsland Aeronautics Pty Ltd. Boeing Australia Limited has sold certification authority for the aircraft to the Australian-based general aviation manufacturer. The sale includes technical and spares sales support and all intellectual property for the Nomad aircraft worldwide. Financial terms are not being disclosed. _________________________________________________________________ I read this some time ago but recently got to thinking that an updated (improved) Nomad would be a very useful acquisition for the Army following the retirement of the last of the RAAF's Caribous as neither of the proposed replacements offer the short, rough field performance the Army has gotten used to over decades.
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DropBear       8/19/2008 11:01:53 AM
Return of the Nomad?!?!?!?!
FMD!!! It's the Aussie Mirage 1110 of the trash haulers.
Take a look at the vids of the ground starts and how the rear tail/planes would twist in the propwash.
 "Nomad...wouldn't sell it to your worst enemy"
Gotta be the single biggest POS ever designed in Oz (after the VK Commodore).
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