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Subject: cars we have owned.
gf0012-aust    8/17/2006 9:09:33 PM
in light of the other thread about cars and capability, I'm curious as to what cars have been favourites and owned by us... for me there are a few, and I've always tinkered with them a bit. start to finish my favourite cars (in no partic order) owned were as follows:
  • mini, '66. dumped suspension, worked motor and honda 650 megaphones for a split system
  • HK Monaro. Worked 186. yella terra head, saginaw GB.
  • HJ Sandman (errrgh) 253V8
  • Falcon XA Panel Van. Leyland P-76 Alloy V8, Offenhauser intake off a Buick, Holley 650 dbls.
  • Falcon XT. Worked 302, dumped suspension
  • Falcon XW GT. Worked 351 2 barrel
  • Falcon XY GTHO.
  • XY Wagon. 351 4bl. Modified Geelong Block (the best of all the Ford small block V8's)
  • Falcon XA 2 door. Orig motor replaced with a worked 221. Cast exhaust manifold cut and replaced with a ported and rippled mod. Holley 650 dbl pumper. custom XU-1 grind on the cam, solids. it was almost undriveable at idle. the cam used to make it bump and grind a bit at the lights. never ran official times on it, but I once cleaned up a mates Transit that had a modified 406 and FMX installed.
  • Toyota Dyna twin cab. mid mounted 351, ZF gear box from a busted Pantera. I used to run it at the Darwin Drags out at McDonnel Air Strip. Ran low 13's.
  • 76 Range Rover. 351 windsor 4bl. C6 with a shift kit. Dual fuel. Currently sitting in shed in the middle of a rebuild.
  • 2000 Mercedes Vito. Chipped and lowered 3" by factory. AFAIK its the only factory lowered Vito registered. It handles like a big fat mini cooper S - and will out corner quite a few of the rice burner boy racer pretenders. I had a couple of show cars in my early 20's during my brain fart stage. I've had 2 bikes. A Honda 300 Dream (weighed as much as a BSA 650 Thunderbolt!) and a Suzuki GTR Ramair. The Sook is in the mangroves off of Nightcliff as a legacy of exuberant but totally skill-less riding during a "Hungi". ;)
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    gf0012-aust       11/11/2010 6:39:04 AM

    Thought you'd be hanging out for a G-wagen or Eagle IV......

    I've got a soft spot for rangies as they've always worked for me, never had the problems that everyone bitches about when bragging about their tojo's - I've had much satisfaction pulling out 80's, 100's and even a 200 over the years.  Its somewhat satisfying pulling them out and having the drivers thank you when their brains are screaming out "Nooooooo, not a rangie pulling me out..." :)

    I did enjoy my belt around a test track in an eagle, but I'd get a mog over a g-wagen.  They climb like billy goats, but a long range trip at city speeds would just drive you mad in the end....

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    aussienscale       11/19/2010 5:58:17 PM
    My first car was a blue HR Sedan, worked red 186 with triple SU carbs (Absolute mongrels to tune) 3 on the tree converted to 3 on the floor, was an absolute beast and gave many V8's a good run for their money
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    Volkodav       11/20/2010 7:13:42 AM

    My first car was a blue HR Sedan, worked red 186 with triple SU carbs (Absolute mongrels to tune) 3 on the tree converted to 3 on the floor, was an absolute beast and gave many V8's a good run for their money

    My dear old dad laid his hands on a bute 186, did it up with Yella Terra heads, really went to town on it.......then he dropped it into an off white, average condition, 1969 Toyota Crown!!!!
    Oh the humanity!
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    gf0012-aust       11/21/2010 5:39:14 AM" width="400" height="300" alt="" />

    my two toys... date stamps wrong as camera reset to default when battery flat

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    THEPUSSMK2       11/21/2010 6:51:33 AM
    I have only owned one car in my 15 year driving career, My mighty "Silver Bullet" 1.8L of sheer unadulterated ball tearing power provided by my mighty 1999 Astra City!. Mind you 11 years later she still has not top the 100000 mark....(well I am at sea for six months of the year :)
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