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Subject: cars we have owned.
gf0012-aust    8/17/2006 9:09:33 PM
in light of the other thread about cars and capability, I'm curious as to what cars have been favourites and owned by us... for me there are a few, and I've always tinkered with them a bit. start to finish my favourite cars (in no partic order) owned were as follows:
  • mini, '66. dumped suspension, worked motor and honda 650 megaphones for a split system
  • HK Monaro. Worked 186. yella terra head, saginaw GB.
  • HJ Sandman (errrgh) 253V8
  • Falcon XA Panel Van. Leyland P-76 Alloy V8, Offenhauser intake off a Buick, Holley 650 dbls.
  • Falcon XT. Worked 302, dumped suspension
  • Falcon XW GT. Worked 351 2 barrel
  • Falcon XY GTHO.
  • XY Wagon. 351 4bl. Modified Geelong Block (the best of all the Ford small block V8's)
  • Falcon XA 2 door. Orig motor replaced with a worked 221. Cast exhaust manifold cut and replaced with a ported and rippled mod. Holley 650 dbl pumper. custom XU-1 grind on the cam, solids. it was almost undriveable at idle. the cam used to make it bump and grind a bit at the lights. never ran official times on it, but I once cleaned up a mates Transit that had a modified 406 and FMX installed.
  • Toyota Dyna twin cab. mid mounted 351, ZF gear box from a busted Pantera. I used to run it at the Darwin Drags out at McDonnel Air Strip. Ran low 13's.
  • 76 Range Rover. 351 windsor 4bl. C6 with a shift kit. Dual fuel. Currently sitting in shed in the middle of a rebuild.
  • 2000 Mercedes Vito. Chipped and lowered 3" by factory. AFAIK its the only factory lowered Vito registered. It handles like a big fat mini cooper S - and will out corner quite a few of the rice burner boy racer pretenders. I had a couple of show cars in my early 20's during my brain fart stage. I've had 2 bikes. A Honda 300 Dream (weighed as much as a BSA 650 Thunderbolt!) and a Suzuki GTR Ramair. The Sook is in the mangroves off of Nightcliff as a legacy of exuberant but totally skill-less riding during a "Hungi". ;)
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned. - DropBear   8/22/2006 10:46:14 PM
    That is the price the Corvettes Queensland offer with Lingenfelter Supercharger and RHD conversion, as well as making them conform to Oz ADR safety standards etc etc etc. I believe they are around $US40-50K for you guys on your domestic market. A 1994 ZR-1 with 80,000km was being sold 2nd hand here for $AUD60K recently. That is about how much Chevrolet dealerships in the USA sell brand new C6's for!!! Funnily enough that is probably why I haven't seen any C5's getting around on the roads. You only see the odd C4 or C3 Stingray.
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    DarthAmerica    RE:cars we have owned. - DropBear   8/23/2006 12:31:29 AM
    Drop, I'd have to say this is the one car you really can just leave stock! Get the Coupe and be done with it! DA
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned. - DropBear   8/23/2006 12:43:12 AM
    Heck, I want more than just a dinky 6ltr V8. Otherwise I will just keep my beast...> Or go with its bigger brother...> or if I wanted to only have two doors and two seats...> Otherwise the Vette needs some serious Lingenfelter treatment! :)
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    eon    RE:cars we have owned. - DropBear from eon   8/23/2006 8:39:08 AM
    OK, the blue one says "Falcon" on the front, so I assume it's the Oz name for it. The gold/yellow one looks almost like our 1997-2004 Mustang... except that it's got four doors, not two. As for the red one, I don't know what the H**l it is, but it looks absolutely cool and just mean as all H**l. So, what are these critters- and why does Oz have so many more cool-looking rides than us Yanks do, these days? (And does anybody make 1/25 or 1/24 scale >model kits< of 'em?) Cheers :-) eon
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    Herc the Merc    Future car   8/23/2006 5:31:57 PM
    Check out the Tesla - 2 seatre roadster- 0-60mph 4secs, topspeed 130mph, 250mile range -batterries-same as ur laptop. Cost $90000. Also another first from California. Thats a lot of Kangaroo power under the hood.
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    eon    RE:Future car-Herc   8/23/2006 8:43:42 PM
    I saw that little monster in my local newspaper's "Wheels" section. It reminded me of nothing so much as the old mid-engined Scarab, from back in the early '60s. (The racer, not the dune buggy, that is.) Pricey, but looks pretty interesting. Now if they could just get battery power up to whereyou could haul more than two people plus a toothbrush, >and< get the price down below, say, a Z06, we might be getting somewhere. Cheers eon
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    eldnah    RE:Future car-Herc   8/23/2006 10:10:10 PM
    All right...I suspect I am significantly older that most of the contributors to SP. I have this information because my daughters kidded me about it and I generated the information for them. It includes cars I purchased for myself, my wife and later on for my children. I worked 24/7 for a number of years and 80 to 100 hrs a week for alot of years after. My wife turned a blind eye to my pissing away a disproportionate amount of money, subconciously or consciously understanding the cars were cheaper than a really hot redhead. Cars were bought for myself, my wife and later on my daughters. Chevy Impala station wagon Ford 7 Liter LTD convertible Mercedes 230SL Buick Wildcat Mustang coupe Mustang coupe Mercury Montego Mustang Coupe BMW 530i his BMW 530i hers Corvette Buick Riviera Ferrari Daytona Cadillac Seville Cadillac Seville Mercedes 300 SD BMW 325 BMW 735 Volvo 740 turbo Maseratti Quattroporto GMC Jimmy Pontiac Firebird Jeep Cheerokee Acura RT Hondi LXi coupe Nissan 300Z convertible BMW 318s Nissan Pathfinder Chevy Blazer Jeep Grand Cheeroke Subaru Legacy Audi A6 Audi A4 Audi A6 VW Passat Audi A4 Mercedes CLK AMG convertible Audi A4 The best....the Maserati Quattroporte...Performed incredibly when it peformed. Drive up to any snotty retaurant or hotel and you'd be treated better than Princess Diana....Maintence intensive and parts genrally unavailble....Drove on base...standard joke was to stop me so the MPs could pet the car. Better known than the commanding general. Eventually coeffificent of aggrevation overcame coefficient of pleasure. Ferrari Daytona performance incredible, style unsurpassed unfortunately owned it while living in NYC could not deal with driving it in traffic. Only car I sold for significantly more than I paid for. Currently the Mercedes CLK convertible I drive will require an incredible car to replace it,
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    gf0012-aust       12/11/2009 5:42:13 PM
    curious as to whether anyone has changed rides over the last few years?
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    Volkodav       12/12/2009 5:24:15 AM
    Missed the original post but am about to replace my Ford Territory Turbo with something smaller, zippier and probably European. 
    Preceding the Territory from the most recent were:
       2004 Subaru Forester X (practical but slow and boring)
       2002 Ford AU III XR8 Falcon 220 (hand me down from my better half when she got a company drive)
       2003 Subaru WRX (unfortunately more saleable than an AU III XR 8 Falcon" alt="" />)
       1997 Honda Prelude SI (my first brand new car, I still miss it and despair at Hondas decision to drop the model from their range)
       1994 Mazda Astina hatch (good for keeping the km down on the Honda)
       1992 EB Falcon (this was the physical embodiment of my youthful exuberance, every last cent spent on every OTT mod)
       1977 XC Falcon 500 (my first car but not missed in any way or form)
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    Hugo       12/13/2009 3:20:39 PM

    curious as to whether anyone has changed rides over the last few years?

    Yes, for reasons you're aware of, I now drive a very sexy Opel Zafira.  A dutch friend of mine, an avid BMW fan, told me upon learning this that "you have now officially lost in life."
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