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Subject: cars we have owned.
gf0012-aust    8/17/2006 9:09:33 PM
in light of the other thread about cars and capability, I'm curious as to what cars have been favourites and owned by us... for me there are a few, and I've always tinkered with them a bit. start to finish my favourite cars (in no partic order) owned were as follows:
  • mini, '66. dumped suspension, worked motor and honda 650 megaphones for a split system
  • HK Monaro. Worked 186. yella terra head, saginaw GB.
  • HJ Sandman (errrgh) 253V8
  • Falcon XA Panel Van. Leyland P-76 Alloy V8, Offenhauser intake off a Buick, Holley 650 dbls.
  • Falcon XT. Worked 302, dumped suspension
  • Falcon XW GT. Worked 351 2 barrel
  • Falcon XY GTHO.
  • XY Wagon. 351 4bl. Modified Geelong Block (the best of all the Ford small block V8's)
  • Falcon XA 2 door. Orig motor replaced with a worked 221. Cast exhaust manifold cut and replaced with a ported and rippled mod. Holley 650 dbl pumper. custom XU-1 grind on the cam, solids. it was almost undriveable at idle. the cam used to make it bump and grind a bit at the lights. never ran official times on it, but I once cleaned up a mates Transit that had a modified 406 and FMX installed.
  • Toyota Dyna twin cab. mid mounted 351, ZF gear box from a busted Pantera. I used to run it at the Darwin Drags out at McDonnel Air Strip. Ran low 13's.
  • 76 Range Rover. 351 windsor 4bl. C6 with a shift kit. Dual fuel. Currently sitting in shed in the middle of a rebuild.
  • 2000 Mercedes Vito. Chipped and lowered 3" by factory. AFAIK its the only factory lowered Vito registered. It handles like a big fat mini cooper S - and will out corner quite a few of the rice burner boy racer pretenders. I had a couple of show cars in my early 20's during my brain fart stage. I've had 2 bikes. A Honda 300 Dream (weighed as much as a BSA 650 Thunderbolt!) and a Suzuki GTR Ramair. The Sook is in the mangroves off of Nightcliff as a legacy of exuberant but totally skill-less riding during a "Hungi". ;)
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 2:14:32 AM
    One of the Bear's rides...>
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    scraw    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 2:54:59 AM
    DB- While the RAV4 is an absolute girls car I can personally vouch for their effectiveness in a crash.
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 3:17:45 AM
    By that I hope you mean they can pick up chicks with them! ;) Actually, all my friends and family say only gays or hairdressers drive them. As for protection, it has naff rear drum brakes, no ABS, no SRS Airbags and no traction control etc etc etc. At least not on the 1997 model. It can fair take any Commodore and Falcon off the lights though!!! ;)
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    scraw    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 4:47:24 AM
    I can attest to the lack of traction control too :o
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    DropBear    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 6:37:30 AM
    Did you own one or just "borrow" it? Which model/yr etc?
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    AussieEngineer    RE:cars we have owned. bikes   8/19/2006 6:41:47 AM
    I'm getting a bike this summer, I'm thinkin ZZR, ZX2R or maybe a CBR if I can get one at the right price, outside chance is a suzuki across.
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    8486cofe    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 9:27:39 AM
    1st car - 68 Toyota Corolla originally sold new by the old man, it had been written off and then rebuilt from 2 cars by his ex-boss and bought for my mum, who sold it to my sister who sold/gave to me and I killed it by rally driving in Adelaide hills forests during school lessons that bored me. Traded in on Car 2 - 73 2 door LJ Torana S(one of the very last off the line before the LH's). I was second owner and got all the paperwork and original order forms and it was priced at inxs of the original purchase price. The original owner had factory optioned every GTR option possible (Brakes, wheels, engine and instuments)and so got himself a catergory 1 insurance GTR. (GTR's were cat 4, GTR-XU1's were cat 5). He'd also put a yella terra head on and cammed it up a bit. A nice car but handling was unheard of at the time(XU1's being bout the aussie made car that could). Ist mod - split tuned length extractors twin system no mufflers, 2 resonators each side, no balance pipe. It sounded soooooo nice. 2nd mod was tyres and suspension. K-mac race suspension and the biggest rim/ grippyest tyres possible, then wheel well mods so that the tyres would fit. Turned it into 130mph go-kart. Then came the big stereo. This was pre boom-box days. Bought from a Rundle St specialist, it was the most powerful and expensive system that they had ever sold to that point. Loud - notch 7 would leave ya ears ringing in the same way as standing right in front of a stack at a heavy metal concert. Got more attention from the cops from that than i did for the exaust.Bout this point thought about selling it to get a 911 sportmatic but figured an unemployed 19yo with a 911 might raise a few eyebrows so I didn't. So then I was gonna get Tony Grosser (GF you should have heard of him) to build me a dry sumped, 12 port head, Webber 6pack 202 but went to work in the pilbara instead. A few years later it was pinched (got the shell back) so I went gold mining in QLD where i had my environmental epiphany and discovered I could do more and have more fun without a car. Bout 5 years later started in my dream employment with vehicles supplied by the Victorian Government Dept of Rally Driving for Free. Time to rebuid the t-rana. No ferking around this time. The plan. Seam weld shell, relocated firewall, extend wheel tubs. Castlemaine Rod Shop for chassis rails and engine/gearbox mounts and various other bits. P 76 4.4l alloy V8, Supra 5 speed 15in 4W c/dore discs. Just the thing for a quick blast down the Tambo Valley Highway. Alas after a quick trip around the world I lost the need for frequent fast blasts down said highway. So I joined(was a founding member) Uncle Bob's Snowboarding Team. I sold the shell for $200 to buy a bag of pot(Spent a grand bringing the shell from SA to Vic) and the engine for $50 and thus ends the story of the first love of my life. car-3 83 Subaru good car, great compromise betwen highway and off-road. Killed this car but was back in Adelaide so, car-4 Barina, ideal buzz box for going to uni, been passed once in bout 10 visits back to vic. 3 250 dirt bikes 4 pushbikes 1st one when I was eleven. 27in single speed. 2nd 27in racer. 3rd early mountain bike. 4th KXT FHS Pro. Has shimano XT, Sid 100s RCR rear, Kore bars, Grimeca 4pot hydraulic discs, speed disc wheels. Retailed for $4k, paided less than 3 and waited for 3months for the boat to come in. 2 snowboards, sims and a burton. Treadlies are the most dangerous IMO. Broke my back failing to land a foward double(Very unintended) when I was 10 and got a Floyd Landis leg eating a rock garden on the KHS.
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    eon    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 6:45:04 PM
    I only had two bicycles in my life, a 2-speed Huffy as a kid and a 10-speed Peugeot in high school. Believe it or not, I've never even been a passenger on a motorbike and fully intend to keep it that way. (Two friends of mine got banged up on the ferkin' things due to the inattention of four-wheeler drivers. I can live without broken limbs and third-degree road rash, TYVM.) Snowboarding? "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" Cheers eon
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    Herc the Merc    RE:cars we have owned.   8/19/2006 7:16:42 PM
    Nissan 280ZX, 240sx, 300sx---now Mercedes 500
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    Weasel    eon   8/19/2006 8:23:27 PM
    amen to not being a passenger on a motor cycle: Story 1: Was in Jakarta on a MC taxi when the truck in front of us went over a bump. We hit said bump and come off... The bump was a guy who had been killed a few minutes before. I assume it was few minutes as he wasn't very flat. story 2: was in Bangkok and had my right knee splayed over the back of a taxi as we were weaving through traffic. cheers w
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