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Subject: Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??
DropBear    6/13/2005 4:53:55 AM
In response to lacrobat's comment wrt "Why not cut the JSFs entirely?" I am interested to know how many of you believe the F-111, F-18 and Hawk127 are a complete waste of time, resources, money, training, funding, manpower etc etc etc... What would you spend the allocated funds on otherwise? You know my views, what are yours...
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southern cross    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??   6/15/2005 6:03:33 AM
>>>I'm not sure what the figures are now, but in 1999 the combat fleet of the RAAF was only around 16% of the total defence budget. Thats good value for the most flexible and most deployable force we have.<<< Most deployable, maybe to a friendly host airbase with the correct infrastructure and time to transport the equipment needed to support such operations. Planes may fly fast, but dont let that foool you on how quickly they can effectively deploy, the army can get it done much faster (with RAAF herc help), and depending on the location the navy would probably be just as long, only they come in one package, no lugging everything around seperatly there.
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southern cross    RE:SC   6/15/2005 6:07:22 AM
>>>Still waiting for this fabulous example of fence sitting or that I apparently want the Navy abolished......<<< First one will take a while, i may get on that tomorrow as there have been many posts on this sea-air biff. Second one i have not said as all (aha find that qoute :) ) , all i said was that some of you are questioning the RAN's right to quality ships (please do not say Anzac's or old timer FFG's).
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DropBear    RE:The Puss - HISTORY LESSON PART2   6/15/2005 6:08:59 AM
25th June 1950, 77SQN goes into action alongside USAF forces. The Mustangs having been replaced by Meteors in 1951. RAAF Dakotas of 36SQN were involved. 77SQN awarded Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation on 1st November 1951. Not sure if the RAN FAA ever had a 77SQN on the books. But I am damn sure the RAAF did/has.
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fall out    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet?? - lacrobat -gf   6/15/2005 6:17:36 AM
"or ferks sake. this is turning into a circus" - aint it grand?! ;) it's turning into a posts whore that's for sure! ;)
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fall out    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??   6/15/2005 6:19:46 AM
"Show some leadership. Resorb the RAAF into the army" - pity it never was mate considering the RAAF is the world's 2nd oldest airforce.
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ThePuss    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??   6/15/2005 6:22:25 AM
ok i'll cop that
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fall out    RE:Southern Cross   6/15/2005 7:03:38 AM
"its also about having 99% confidence that any threat will be dealt with" - alright then, are we able to protect ourselves against invasion from a future communist China without US support (as your talking about our forces operating seperate from allied forces)? are we able to defend our navy/army in the far reaches of the globe? there are plenty of others and having these destroyers wont change that.
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fall out    RAAF in Korea...   6/15/2005 7:17:20 AM
---- from "Korean War 29 Jun 1950 - 27 Jul 1953 Number of People who served overseas ARMY 10,657 RAN 4,507 RAAF 2,000 (approx) Total 17,164 TOTAL CASUALTIES OF THE AUSTRALIAN FORCES Deaths All Services 339 (All causes) Wounded In Action All Services 1,216 Prisoners Of War By North Korean 29 - 1 died while captive Total Battle Casualties including Deaths All Services 1,584" ---- that should settle it!
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AussieEngineer    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??   6/15/2005 7:58:38 AM
This whole thread is just a replay of one we had earlier this year.
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DropBear    RE:Should we abolish the RAAF combat fleet??   6/15/2005 8:09:16 AM
I actually started it for the sake of lacrobat to see what his/her opinion was, due to comments made by same. Didn't get the answer, but got a whole anti-RAAF thread in stead. Go figure. ;)
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