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Subject: Helo Aircrewman
mick    7/11/2003 9:16:19 AM
Just wanted to see if there are any helo crewman out there. I am a SAR swimmer. Have several SAR missions under my belt. Just got the SAR crew of the year award. Would like to chat. Later Bros, Mick
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aircrew    RE:Helo Aircrewman   4/8/2004 1:23:12 PM
check out for aircrewman stuff. I was aircrew on a P-3 and my brother was a SAR swimmer on a helo. Ed.
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seadevil    First Femal Helicopter AC   7/6/2008 6:40:57 PM
Use my email address to answer.
What kind of helo do you fly in?
I have a question, do you know who the first 'FEMALE HELICOPTER AIRCREWMAN' was?
Phil sends......

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