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Subject: Johnny Bin Walker    2/17/2002 4:12:33 PM
That traitorous bastard shouldn't have made it out of Afghanistan to begin with. With in a day or two of his getting captured a news report should have popped up telling of the discovery of his mangled carcass out in the desert.
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Billsstuff    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/21/2002 9:25:44 AM
Yeh, my kind of target practice. I thought they should of picked his lame ass up, taken him to the nearset wall and shot him, in front of everyone. That is the way we should take care of traitors. Especially our own American ones. There is nothing slimier than a traitor.
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what?    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/21/2002 1:00:54 PM
fat stupid idiots like u should be shot too to raise the average iq of mankind
Quote    Reply    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/21/2002 4:37:12 PM
I think that some people should learn proper spelling and grammer before they spout off about shooting people in order to "raise the average iq." Dear "what?," I wonder if you could tell me why you think it is a good thing to be a traitor. Perhaps you could ask all of those Taliban warriors who changed sides just as fast as a Northern Alliance pickup could arrive on the scene once U.S. airpower and special forces got involved.
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/21/2002 8:51:16 PM
Haven't we been through all this Johnny Towelhead business before? I'm sure an awful lot of Marines would have loved nothing better than to bury a bullet in Mr. Walker's cranium; if they chose to draw straws for it, they would have had to confiscate every haystack in Iowa to get enough. That's not the point. One of the underlying themes of this war ... a theme that has lain unmentioned because to do so would be extremely politically incorrect ... is that our value system IS superior to that of the people that we're fighting (my apologies to all moral relativists and Taliban sympathizers out there). Shooting prisoners and leaving them lying in the sand is THEIR kind of "justice," not ours. I think one of the reasons we chose to try him in a U.S. civilian court, even though we probably could have gotten away with a military tribunal, was to symbolically distance ourselves from the Taliban and everything they represent ... even if that meant giving a scumbag a better opportunity than he might have deserved. The underlying issue is more important, which is making the statement that we're going to be doing things OUR way, not theirs or anyone else's. --Phoenix Rising
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tommy atkins    RE:Johnny Bin Walker :to what   2/22/2002 2:56:17 AM
what. Im really hoping you answer Rob996. It would be a pity if you ran from his post. Im sure someone as intellectual as yourself wouldnt write something without being able to defend it.
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what?    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/22/2002 4:43:22 AM
why do u think walker is a traitor? i dont think he was in the us military before he went to the taliban only bc he was born in the usa doesnt mean he has to fight on its side when it is his personal opinion that the islam is the true religion and the taliban do what the islam wants it is only consistent that he goes to fight with them. but now u american chouch potatoes who would never be man enough to go into such a war, sit in front of your tv and condemn what a evil boy he is and that he should be murdered and the point with the spelling is one of the dumpest things i have ever heard (also u average american probablz saz much dumper things every day) if u dont like mz spelling we could continue this conversation in german or any scandinavian language u like but u probably can hardly write in your mother tongue and like i alreadz stated it is pretty useless to discuss with people like u as u have no own opinion and onlz reply what your government and the right wing middle class intelectuels tell u
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Peter    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/22/2002 5:36:58 AM
Treason applies to ALL citizens of a country. You can be a civilian and still be guilty of treason. This is was ALL spies are charged with. Whether Walker knew about the attacks on NY and Washington, is another thing. It will be harder to determine and is best left to the legal system. If he didn't believe in what his country was doing he could have a)renouced his citizenship and gone to another counry or b)said he was a conscientious objector and voice his problems through peaceful means. As for the part about not being man enough to go to war, what the f**k do you thing the SF and army are doing there now? Sitting around eating hotdogs and drinking beer? Pull your head out of the sand. Peter
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John    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/22/2002 9:01:07 AM
Phoenix Rising - I salute you. If our value system doesn' preclude killing prisoners then we are no better than they are. Robert 996 your silence says it all. This John person, was he in Al Quaeda, in which he's a traitor, or in the Taliban in which case he's just an arse? So far as I know he was just in the Taliban, so I don't see how he's a traitor. Can anyone enlighten me?
Quote    Reply    RE:Johnny Bin Walker --John   2/22/2002 11:36:42 AM
John I think you might be mistaking me for someone else ("Robert 996 your silence says it all."). I don't know what you are referring to, as I was OPPOSED to the idea of killing people to "raise the average iq." However I do believe that someone will probably shoot John Walker should he get off using the legal system of a country which he despises. That is not saying that I condone killing him, I simply think it has a high probability of occuring. But to answer your question about Walker's involvement in Al Queda, he has admitted to having met Bin Laden, of finding out about the 9/11 attacks BEFORE they happened, and to have trained in an AL QUEDA terrorist training camp.
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what?    RE:Johnny Bin Walker   2/22/2002 4:16:22 PM
Was soll den "LAW" sein? Ausserdem kenn ich keinen Cool/cheif aber da Sie wohl ein absoluter dummschwätzer sind essen Sie Ihr Baret ja doch nicht. Im übrigen bestätigen Ihre Ansichten ja wohl nur meine Aussagen, daß es völlig sinnlos ist mit Leuten wie Ihnen zu diskutieren.
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