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Subject: Reluctant Russian Reservists
SYSOP    10/25/2020 5:39:57 AM
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trenchsol       10/25/2020 8:02:28 AM
Former Yugoslavia had a reserve military force on paper. Former conscripts were supposed to take part in regular military drills. I was too young to be part of that system, but remember what others told me. I am not sure if drill participants were paid or not, but if they were, it was symbolic. Drills didn't go well. Men did not follow orders they didn't like, most of the time. It often ended in everyone getting drunk. Military could have had those people prosecuted on some charges, but even if it happened, it wasn't very often. Military wasn't very enthusiastic about that either. As the end of Yugoslavia was getting closer, the reservist drills were abandoned completely. Perhaps they still existed on paper. Former Yugoslavia often adopted Soviet methods and ways. So, I guess it might have been the case with reservists. When Yugoslav wars broke out, most of the male population was capable of using weapons and had basic training. I believe it might have helped today's countries which have been created by liberating themselves from Yugoslavia. Those liberation wars were quite fierce and people were at each other throats, often literally.
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