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Subject: Post 9/11 paramilitary groups?    2/13/2002 11:21:36 PM
Anyone have any theories why we haven't seen any post-9/11 paramilitary or domestic terrorists (that is terrorism against Muslims extremists/Muslims/Arabs) appear? Given the massive outrage in the U.S. after 9/11 I'm really quite surprised that there wasn't organized bombings or attacks against radicalized mosques, Muslim extremists, or Islamic society in general. Certainly there were some isolated incidents but some of the main reasons I think we haven't seen that happen in the U.S. yet-- 1) Most neo-Nazi groups have found common cause with the Muslim extremists, in that they both share a hatred of Jews, this therefore takes most of the likely candidates for homegrown anti-Islamic groups out of the equation. 2) Most Americans believe that the government is taking appropriate action, if we had more hand-wringing and inaction by the government we would probably people wanting to take matters into their own hands. 3) Given enough time we may still see these groups emerge. It would take some time for likeminded people to meet each other and decide who is serious, and who just shooting their mouth off after a couple of beers. It would therefore take time for these cells to coalesce and form operational units. Certainly some people have developed hatred and have felt threatened by these attacks, which I think are important factors leading to paramilitary/terrorist formations. 4) The mindset of most extreme right wing Americans tend to swing toward isolation and fortification than for offensive actions. While extreme left wing groups to tend to be offensive in nature (i.e. SLA, Eco-terrorists, anarchists, Greenpeace, and PETA), the vast majority of right wing groups such as white supremacists, the Michigan Militia, etc. tend be like to hole up and prepare for whatever calamity they think is going to happen as compared to extreme left wingers, however there are exceptions such as people who violently oppose abortion or the IRS. I kind of expected to see paramilitary or counter-terrorism terrorists pop-up but so far I haven't seen any sign of it. However, I still think if Johnny Walker gets of scot-free somebody will shoot that sucker. What do you guys think?
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The Myrmidon    RE:Post 9/11 paramilitary groups?   8/31/2002 1:20:11 PM
Why should we use terrorism and lower ourselves to their level? We aren't cowards that have to intentionally kill civilians to make our points. We're Americans. We Kick @$$ so hard we don't have to worry about taking names. Let the Arabs try again. If I'm there, when it starts, then I will do everything I can to make sure that their mission fails, as should we all.
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