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Subject: Employment
Prodicle_son    1/14/2003 11:18:15 PM
How does one seek employment in this business? It looks like an open market, but I need some enlightening info, someone please let me know how to jump into the game.
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mick    RE:Employment   5/17/2003 3:44:09 PM
things have changed somewhat with PMC's. Posting a resume on the net generally wont get many responces. If you have a resume with the right quals, they will be interested. They are normally looking for guys with heliborne ops experience. Hope this was helpfull. Oh, Try Sandline Int. London Co. Mick
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ChrisWI    RE:Employment   5/17/2003 4:31:19 PM
I need people to attack the drug dealers at the high school, I need around 20 canidates.
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mick    RE:Employment   7/11/2003 9:12:04 AM
don't be stupid
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Savant    RE:Employment   12/6/2004 3:12:50 PM
Depends on what game you want to play? If your looking to be hired by DynCorp guarding Afghan diplomats at around $125,000.00 a year you would have had to been ex-Delta/SF. See your local Army recruiter for details. However most pmcs are looking to hire a very wide range of x-military specialties. Anything from mechanics, to cooks to logistics and supply guys to Door Gunners. It all depends on what you want to do, and what your previous experiance is. Just saying you want to join a pmc is a very general statement.
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