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Subject: Shadow Force - TV program
ker    12/10/2008 9:11:16 PM
This History Channel program depicts the operations of a team who aid park rangers and other government forces whose jobs place them in conflict with criminals /rebels. Advising across cultural boundaries and practical applications of technologies are frequently addressed. Friday, 10:00 PM Saturday, 02:00 AM Rebroadcast. History Channel page for this weeks broadcast.
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ker       12/10/2008 9:17:25 PM

Former Army Special Forces are make up part of the team, I believe.  The program contrasts interestingly with a Discovery Channel program, Futureweapons. 

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ker    Opening   12/20/2008 4:44:50 PM
An approximation of the shows opening narrative. 
"Evil festers in regions of instability and chaos.  With no resources to fight those who struggle to hold it back face deadly odds.  They are about to get some help.  A small group of modern day solders of fortune are heading to the front lines to help even the odds.  The people you are working against have no rules and by the nature of it it will be dangerous.  Trained to thrive in extremely hostile situations with limited resources they are experts with unconventional tactics and equipment.  Their mission, join forces with the worlds most desperate units and give then the ability to win.  We come in team with a high tec peace of equipment and that's exactly what special operations is.  Provide a genuine capability to some organizations that are trying to deal with some of the most difficult problems in the worlds.  What you are about to see are real privet military operations.  This is shadow force."
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