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Subject: the 49th Armored
Jason Hull    2/9/2002 2:30:44 PM
why is the Texas N.G. in Bosnia? and Why peace meal them just the Div. Hq and part of 1 Bde!!!!! how stupid can we be!!!!!!!!
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:the 49th Armored    2/11/2002 11:45:15 PM
As I understand there are two reasons for deploying NG to Bosnia: 1) Handoff the force commitment from regulars to reserves. Regulars stretched too thin as it is. 2) Give NG divisional staffs hands-on training in LOC (low intensity conflict). Also see what the retention, PR aspects are of using NG elements for peacekeeping missions. The entire division does not go because it is not needed (Task Force Eagle is not division-sized), and it would create political difficulties to mobilize everybody. This way, the officers go because it's good career-wise (make BG in the National Guard! Woo hoo!) and the Joes are mostly volunteers. The 28th Div (PAARNG) takes over next year and they only need 112 enlisted volunteers from the Div. Why are we in Bosnia anyway? Can't we hire some Gurkhas or something?
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bayonetbrant    RE:the 49th Armored    10/2/2003 4:49:08 AM
>>and Why peace meal them just the Div. Hq and part of 1 Bde!!!!!<< I know I'm replying to this WAAAAY after the fact, but 49AD also had 3d ACR over there with them. 49AD provided Div C2, the ENG BDE and a BN of base-support type folks. 3d ACR did all the heavy lifting in field as the 'maneuver brigade'.
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1stcavman    RE:the 49th Armored    2/18/2004 5:52:49 AM
I believe the 49th AD is home now (for quite awhile) The NG divisions are going to be used for the Bosnia SFOR missions due to the thin spread of active forces. I believe the 28th ID(M) is there now. There is no need for a full division in Bosnia. The country is divided into areas of responsibility and there are other forces from other nations. Also, things have really calmed down alot there
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