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Subject: Military Reserve
scsuhockey    9/1/2004 1:34:42 AM
I am considering joining the reserves, notably, the Marine Corps Reserve. Does anyone with USMC, or heck, any experience know if the USMC reserve is that much "different" then say USAR? Thanks.
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timon_phocas    RE:Military Reserve   10/3/2004 10:10:07 PM
There are some unique advantages: all Marines go through the same boot camp. From the commandant on down to the private in a listening post. So there's just one Marine Corps culture, and you're part of it, whether you're active or reserve. It's a great fraternity that lasts for the rest of your life. The Army isn't really like that. There are different cultures for the different branches. That's not bad, it's just different. I have a great respect for Army Special Ops communities. Army armor, cavalry and infantry branches have have great traditions. But for me, I'm a Marine, and I will be until I die. Semper Fi
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JCT    RE:Military Reserve   3/3/2005 6:35:19 PM
Its a good deal - I did 5 yrs active duty and am in my 5th year as a Reservist. USMC reserves have provent the ability to be ready when activated. 4th LAR Bn has been called up during GW I and OIF I and both times did well. They are starting up new reserve companies in NY and SC.
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