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Subject: Training the NG
2 Ways    12/22/2003 11:56:13 AM
Before you talk about the National Guard and the training you need, check out the unit trying to train them. A US Army Reserve unit out of the Atlanta area with very few combat vets. Oh Now they will tell you that they all were in Iraq but for some reason there are no combat patches or CIBs. Then you will find one or two that will tell you the truth. They are Reserveist activated just for this mission. When asked why so many say they are active and just back from Iraq all you get is a shoulder shrug. Ask why weapons quaification isn't done to standard, PMI,40 rds familization and 40 rds to qualifing/ Why do the NG troops have to try and quailify on the range Active uses for night fire and NBC fire? Why is it after the US Army Reserveist are shown on paper that there are 6 lanes of the 15 that NO ONE has qualified on and 4 that everyone has qualified on that nothing is done. Once a company 1SG, after seeing this, took his whole company to the same range that the active units use. Big surprise... qualification went from 32% to 94%. What does the USAR say. WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD GO OVER THERE! The truth is there. Just look. Now why is my handle "2 ways". There are "2 ways" to talk about any subject. 1 Experience 2 Wild Ass Guess Mine is the first.
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Horsesoldier    RE:Training the NG   2/29/2004 5:13:38 PM
As may be apparent from other posts I've made here and there, I don't shy away from bring critical of the National Guard . . . but, I have to agree 100% with 2 Ways' statements here. The USAR training units I dealt with during mobilization and demobilization training and validation were not very competent (at best), dedicated to cutting corners in the ways 2 Ways mentioned, and generally trying to substitute a drill-sergeant wannabe attitude for subject matter knowledge. Most of them, like a lot of Guardsmen I know, were dedicated to the gravy train provided by full-time, CONUS, service for Op Noble Eagle and did their job just well enough to be acceptable on paper.
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