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Subject: Australia's Elite Reserves: The 2nd Commando
PuckaMan    11/9/2003 5:42:51 PM
The Army has just announced a new plan to boost numbers in the Commandoes, Australia's Elite Reserves. They're the same as the regular commandoes, (who are just a step down from the SASR) but part time. The plan is basically an accelerated training program, with all candidates going through all the rigours as they would normally, except the after Infantry training at Singleton, the Para, Weapons and Survival course are shortened a bit. Initial entryu requirements are higher too, as are the general standards throughout the training. Anyway, I 'd like to hear some thoughts on this - Is this a good idea? Will it compromise quality? Generally I believe not. The Majority of the Commandoes will have done it the traditional way, and they're always training, training, training, so any descrepencies will be accounted for in that.
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