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Subject: Cows with guns
Rosecroix    11/9/2003 6:10:35 AM is funny too.
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DrCruel    Propaganda   3/17/2004 12:31:07 AM
More anti-McDonalds crap. I know veggie activism when I see it. Not interested.
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bombard    RE:not Propaganda.   7/22/2004 3:27:49 AM
There's one line mentioning Mcdonalds! why does that make it any mcdonald! 'Mcdonalds' is like a brand name for fast greasy food. Its got nothing to do with nice, grass reared, non hormone treated Aberdeen Angus heifer steaks. then again, you cant get that in the USA. Everything is mass produced on feed lots, injected full of growth hormones, treated like a product. Even the buffalo! To get real meat, you've to rear it yourself, or find a small farmer who does.
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