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Subject: Joni Ernst defeats Bruce Braley for the Iowa senate seat.
SYSOP    9/15/2014 9:05:51 PM
Joni Ernst defeats Bruce Braley for the Iowa senate seat. Enter a more detailed explanation of the event. Give your thoughts of why or why not you think the even will happen. Let people know why you think this is important. This will posted to the message boards automatically.
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ker       9/30/2014 11:36:18 AM
Joni is up by 6 points and campaigning well. Politico taged the Braley campaign as the worst of 2014. Braley's big theams are 1. I'm sorry I called Sen. Chuck Grassley an Iowa farmer who was unfit to run the Judicary committee wile asking for moeny from out of state lawyers. 2. I really was a most meetings of the Vets Affairs committee. (What he dosn't say is that proves he should have know what was going on and done something.) 3. Nound verb Koch brothers. Joni talks about being a mom and serving in the Iowa National Gaurd. She gets some help from the rest of he ballot in a couple of ways. The Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds team is crushing it on the Govenors line. Sam Clovis who lost to Joni in the Senate primary iis now running for state treasurer as a voice for and protector of the people of Iowa rather than a back stage funtionairy. He can drum up turn out in red countys west of I-35.
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