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Subject: New President
Barca    5/9/2007 10:15:10 AM
What/Where is the news? When will Turkey get a new president? Why are the secularists demonstrating?
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kane       5/9/2007 1:05:02 PM
Well there have been like 4 giant protests aganist(over a million in four of them) AK party.AKP mostly has extreme religious backgrounds and Kemalists do not want them to put a religious guy(his wife is wearing a scarf) as president.If they did there'd probably be a military coup.Military warned them.
Although it is aganist democracy it's for Turkey's future.AKP guys want to change main laws.At least they wanted in the past so people do not trust them.They have a lot of supporters, especially because a lot of people are aganist them.Turkish society loves people in hard situations :)
So the religious guy changed is mind and he won't be a canditate.We're waiting for the next elections.Both riht and left wing are forming coalitions aganist AKP in order to have more guys in parliement.
We haven't been reading anything except these in the newspapers.
My message to Europeans:EU keeps saying that army shouldn't be active in politics.Army isn't active in politics unless there is danger.They are not more active than European militaries.If there wasn't a Kemalist army we'd probably be doomed.
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Shirrush    Respect!   5/9/2007 1:36:57 PM
You guys rock!
I wish we could put 1 million in the street to defend the separation of religion and state!

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mustavaris       5/9/2007 1:54:04 PM
Shirrush is absolutely right:) I´ll have a toast for you!
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Barca       5/14/2007 12:03:02 PM
This board rocks!
I read a one line news blurb, post, and get the story with a local prespective.
What is the time frame for an election?
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kane       5/15/2007 2:22:26 PM

22th July

But thats not election for president, this is for parliement.I believe the religous party(AKP) will be the leading party again but with a lot of losses.Most of their supporters do not vote them because of their old Islamist background though.They believe they're doing right.They can not declare they're aganist secualr state either, they'd be shut down in that case

Right wing has united as Yeni Demokrat Parti, while the left wing couldn't.Akp will take the lead with losses as I said.
I doN't know when will the presidental election will happen, some laws are changing for it
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Scratchie       5/22/2007 8:06:01 PM
Just because his wife is covered doesn't mean he won't do a good job. When there are a lot more problems to deal with, our people choose to deal with something soo small and waste their time discriminating. B.S
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kane       5/23/2007 1:12:47 PM

Just because his wife is covered doesn't mean he won't do a good job. When there are a lot more problems to deal with, our people choose to deal with something soo small and waste their time discriminating. B.S

There are a lot of reasons Kemalist people hate them.They change laws because they belive they are not good for people.These are religion reasons.They clearly are unsecular.Some extreme religios people gets encouraged because of them and AKP supports them.
They're not doing well in the country,none of their governers are liked by people. Their ministers shows their true faces sometimes.
Their politics aganist terror caused terror to gain more power yet they still do not let army do the job.
And well it's clear that they're a puppet of the USA
Read or watch(on youtube) Abdullah Gul's and Tayip Erdogan's old comments about Atatürk and secular republic.You'd be terrified if you are a Kemalist
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Scratchie       6/4/2007 8:13:07 PM
you don't get my point, kane. What I am saying is that the guys shouldn't be the president because he is not good enough not because his wife is covered. Do you get this? Judge him in terms of politics standpoint, but why his religion? This is what bothers me the most. I don't like any of the politicians in Turkey, but if most of us can go out and say that we are muslim, then why not let religious [but good and not Gul] people run for presidency???
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