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Subject: Kan Uykusu
kane    11/8/2006 4:19:58 PM
It's documentary about fights aganist terror in 1993-94. you can watch the whole documentary from here or youtube things which suprised me!! *An American F-16 took off from İncirlik base in Turkey and shot down two Turkish(American made) Sikorsky choppers which were looking for terrorists in mountains! *Barzani is the leader of pesmerghes in N.Iraq.He and his men were supported and armed by Turkish army.They were going to help the fight aganist terrorists.The HQ called them.Howewer when commandos passed the Iraqi border Bazrzani's men attacked Turkish troops.It is obvious that Barzani was supporting PKK.+This caused militants to escape *There were too many camps in N.Iraq!!USA or Iraq didn't do anything.PKK collected thousands of men and weapons after 1.Gulf War *There were camps in Iran,Turkish troops didn't enter there to not ruin relations.Howewer I saw that Iran was also a two-faced country. BTW they're fighting aganist them now,paying for what they did. The documentary almost made me cry.It was great.
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