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Subject: Turkish airforce
kane    8/25/2006 7:15:52 PM
What is the power of our airforce?!!? ANd can someone compare Iranian airforce with Turkish airforce?!
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FANTASMA       9/20/2006 6:15:31 AM

What is the power of our airforce?!!?
ANd can someone compare Iranian airforce with Turkish airforce?!

The below info comes from

As of 2000 it was estimated that only 40 of the 132 F-4Ds, 177 F-4Es and 16 RF-4E. Phantoms delivered before 1979 remained in service. At that time, approximately 45 of the 169 F-5E/Fs delivered are still flying, while perhaps 20 F-14A Tomcats of the 79 initially delivered were airworthy. Another 30 F-4s, 30 F-5s and 35 F-14s have been cannibalized for spare parts. One report suggested that the IRIAF can get no more than seven F-14s airborne at any one time. Iran claims to have fitted F-14s with I-Hawk missiles adapted to the air-to-air role.

An unknown number of "new" Su-25s were delivered to the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps Air Force (IRGCAF) in 2003. Where these Frogfoots originate from is unclear. (my comment, the numbere rumoured is around 30)

There were reports that Iran was considering purchases of the highly capable SA-10 [S-300] missile system. The SA-10 is a highly capable long-range all-altitude SAM. As early as 1994 it was reported that Iran had six SA-10 batteries [96 missiles] on order from Russia [but as of early 2006 no deliveries had taken place]. In February 1997 a $90 million sale of 36 missiles to Iran and three older SA-10 SAM systems, made up of components from Russia, Croatia, and Kazakhstan, fell through. On 30 December 2000 an announcement was made in Russia that Iran had informed Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev about Iran's desire to purchase the S-300 anti-missile system. In March 2001 there were reports tha the Russians are close to cutting a deal with Iran on advanced missiles. Itar-Tass reported that Iran would soon close the deal on the Russian Tor-M1, Tor-M1T, and the S-300 surface-to-air missiles. After this report, there were no subsequent reports of Iranian interest in the SA-10.

In December 2005 Iran entered into a contract to purchase 29 TOR M1 [SA-15 GAUNTLET] mobile surface-to-air missile defence systems from Russia worth more than USD 700 million (EUR 600 million). The TOR-M1 is a mobile system designed for operation at medium- and low-altitude levels against aircraft and guided missiles. Each unit consists of a vehicle armed with eight missiles and a radar that can track 48 targets and engage two simultaneously. The TOR-M1 systems have medium-range capabilities for intercepting planes and missiles and are not designed for ground operations.

From the other hand Turkey has an undoubtable numerical and qualitative advantage 215 f16s plus 30 more f16s block 52+ (by 2011) 54 F-4E Terminator, 48 F-4E, 40NF-5, 7 KC-135R, 4 AWACS Wedgetail (by 2007)..Forgot to mention that Turkey is upgrading 117 (80 option) of its current F-16 fleet to a CCIP Standard..
Turkish fleet is considered to one of the biggest in quality and quantity in the area..The biggest airforce in both terms is the Israeli Airforce. The Egyptian Airforce also is a sizeable one and the Airforce that has the edge in quality terms is the Saudi Airforce.

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