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Subject: Historical Chronology of Turkish- Greek Wars
HamletsDestiny    5/27/2006 10:18:00 PM
1-Battle of Manzikert 1071 (Between Byzantines and Seljuks) winner side: TURKS 2-Battle of Miryakefelon 1176 (Between Byzantines and Seljuks) winner side :Turks 3-Battle of Sinope and Trebizond 1214 ( Between Byzantines and Selcuks ) winner side :Turks 4- Battle of Attalia 1207 ( Beetween Byzantines and Seljuks of rum sultanate)winner side : Turks 5-Battle of Nicopolidis 1331 (Between Byzantines and Ottomans )winner side Turks 6- Battle of Prusa 1331 ( Between Byzantines and Ottomans ) winner side : Turks 7- Siege of Constantinapole 1453 ( Byzantines and Ottomans) winner side: Turks 8-Capture of More 1453- 1501 ( Prince of Akha,Duke of Athens vs Ottomans) winner side :Turks 9-1821 March 25 Greek National Uprsing winner side : Greeks 10-Battle of Navorine : Ottoman fleet destroyed by Russians. independence of Greek islands. 11,First Balkan War greek ottomans ) winner side : greece 1912 1913 12-Greek Expansion towords Anatolia and Turkish Independence war : a) Battle of Inonu 1921 ,winner side: Turks b) Battle of Second Inonu 1921 ,winner side : Turks c) Battle of Sakarya 1921 ,winner side Turks d) Battle of Dumlipanar 1922 ,winner side Turks 13- Cyprus War 1974 ( Greek-Cyprot vs Turkey ) winner side : Turks All of i find this stuff from wikipedia,britannica and sites about history Both sides share a long historical relation. all though Byzantine was destoroyed, the Ottoman empire adopted Byzantine ways. Greeks became pashas ,vizers,commanders in Ottoman army and buracracy it explains why Greeks preserved their culture ,language and religion. Ý spoke with some Greek frinds. They said Ottomans made assimilatons and pressure on religion. its a false thought. to say honestly Greeks and the other groups like jews and Armenians were more powerful in Ottoman trade and taxation rights they gained more wealth and power. although Turks were thouhght to be reserves for war. a national govermantal structure was fond by Jon Turks just before Balkan Wars..and hardly stopped greek expansion after first world war. what are your thoughts , is it a possibility of a new war ? History says it s a real possible thing. or both countries must order good relations
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HamletsDestiny    RE:Historical Chronology of Turkish- Greek Wars   5/27/2006 10:25:23 PM
i just forgot to write Battle of Afyon and Eskisehir in 1921 Greece won this wars and came very near to Ankara
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