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Subject: Turkish astronaut
FJV    5/26/2006 12:41:39 PM
For some reason I'm suprised that the Turkish govt. hasn't already sending a Turkish astronaut in space on a Russian rocket. The Netherlands and Belgium have already done this. Since googling "Turkish astronaut" turned up nothing definite. I suspect that this would be your first astronaut. It would be good for national pride and stuff. (and also a good reason to throw a party). Also the politicians could raise their popularity.
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Scratchie    RE:Turkish astronaut   5/26/2006 4:21:55 PM
When I first saw your topic, I was happy to see that we finally have a "Turkish Astronaut, but I guess not. :) Well... I can wait.
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Pars    RE:Turkish astronaut   5/26/2006 7:03:51 PM
We are not in the space race, and probably never will be. So why wasting money for nothing. Note: We never had a scientific team or member in the North or South Poles either.
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Scratchie    RE:USSMC   5/26/2006 11:42:28 PM
I got a cure for your pain, USSMC. I swear. If you go away, I'll tell all the Turkish people to treat you better. And I'll also tell them to buy you nice toys so you can re-live your childhood. Deal???
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