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Subject: i want a war with turkey
great greece    11/6/2004 11:14:48 AM
here in greece we prepare dynamic movements against turkey
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Yimmy    RE:i want a war with turkey   11/6/2004 2:21:59 PM
I get the impression you don't like Turkey....
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icetea    RE:i want a war with turkey U sure?   11/17/2004 4:02:55 AM
you kidding right? forget the turkish arm forces istanbul could walk their and destroy whole greek force in a day. Let me remind you what russians and us generals say. If turkey decide to go to war they can capture greece by 4 am and be in italian border by the morning. Hitler himself decided to attack russia before turkey. Turkish people born militarist and never been scared to die. If greece wants to be under turkey for another 400 years i would recommend attacking them. You will be the only one that will be.
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Thomas    RE:i want a war with turkey great greece    11/18/2004 8:40:44 AM
Well, You are in a minority in Greece. have you heard of the travel of kitchen patrol soldiers: They see a lot of Greece, Turkey and China.
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icetea    RE:i want a war with turkey   11/23/2004 12:56:00 AM
Are you kidding me? Greece has no chance in this world and the next world. If Zeus comes down the mountain and gives greece what it needs they still cant win. No one can remember when greece won last time. Its worst then french
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zoon    RE:i want a war with turkey U sure?   11/23/2004 10:03:19 AM
The gay who start the conversation said that we are preparing ourselves for a war with turkey and not that we will win turkey. If any of you thinks that Turkish army can win a war with Greece easily you are mistaken. A war is a very difficult mater to handle it easy. If it was so simple turkey would have attack us many years ago. But they didn’t. Why is that? Turkey is a very big country with 1 million soldiers in time of war but where can someone use 1 million troops? Greece has to small space to deploy so big army. Apart of that the borders in the side of Greece are mountains. So the tanks can not cross it. At the other hand Greek artillery can easily target from above. When the space is limited you ask from small units to do the job. Greek army is well trained and prepared for that. What about airforse ? Greeks and Turks are among the best pilots in the world because every day we got dog fights over the Aegean Sea. But in war the Aegean Sea will be a closed sea for every one who will try to invade from air. Greece has the best anti aircraft network in the world. As for the sea we got a lot of new ships to handle any attack. So the war will not be a walk in Greece but a bloody affair for both our countries. Which will win I can not say but I can promise you that we will fight like hell. History has give lessons to those who try to take over Greece. Even the German army find it difficult to handle it. We have no intentions to attack turkey but we are willing to give our lives for Greece
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MissKK    RE:i want a war with turkey   11/30/2004 4:07:48 AM
hahaha, great greece your post made me laugh out loud!! what a stupid thing to stay, Greece's population is 12 million, including every man, woman and child. The Turkish Army has, at any given point, 12 million soldiers, and another 8 million on hand who need to review their military training. If you really do want a war, i suggest you begin a war with a book entitled "Basic English" or similiar, because your english is appalling.
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Yimmy    RE:i want a war with turkey   1/23/2005 11:38:13 AM
"The Turkish Army has, at any given point, 12 million soldiers" And they afford them how?
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FYRORoffkaiser    RE:i want a war with turkey   1/23/2005 1:23:30 PM
Great Greece is an insane powermongerer, he called for a war against Macedonia, which is slightly smarter than war with Turkey. And by the way Great Greece and Zoon, despite what you Greek may want to change about history, Alexander was a Macedonian(independent nation from greece) and did beat Greece with his father without much of a fight. So if you think you guys have a 100% winning streak you are wrong, as is a war with Turkey will be a stalemate,
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okurc    greatgreece you r lucky   2/4/2005 3:15:24 AM
After over 400yrs of Turkish rule on lands which's called Greece today, I say you were lucky. If English or French has ruled Greek ppl for 400 yrs they would have been speaking English, going to Agelikan church and using an easier alphabet. Cheers :)
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Kostaktinos    for MissKK and (perhaps) icetea   6/11/2005 7:16:18 PM
MissKK, i can claim you made me laugh indeed! First things first, you keep counting MOPS (military operational strength) using numbers based on population! That is feeble enough to cry or laugh! Let me remind you that Iraq had a 430.000 men compiled,full operational tactical army, not counting the "unrevised" population. Once upon a time, there were 4 factors that counted in battlefields: a.size of army, b.strategy, c.the training quality of the troops, and d.the morale. These times are a long-forgotten past! Nowadays, you don`t need morale to guide missiles, you don`t need a vast-sized army to neutralize a smaller army, you don`t even need special strategy expeditions to conflict a tactical hit in the drawback of enemy`s military industry. Get real MissKK. Just remember that Greece`s military armament is updated by a massive 7,6 billion dollars revenue packet in a year-basis. The same debout for the Turkish army scales up to 4,3 billion dollars (max). You as a person, seem to be out of the picture already. I don`t speak crisp english myself, but i do believe that someone who intends to post on a page like the current one, needs strategy and geopolitical background, not a Ph.D in english filology. So, why don`t you get some of that background, and then try to compromise other people`s thesis. However, i should also comment here, that you are the one who doesn`t speak good greek, rather than the other fellow who doesnt speak good english (as if that language exists in Markov terminology). Take a look at "The workmanship of alphabeta". It is a scientific project that took place in Boston,USA at 1998-99. That project analyzed most of the planet languages into TIPS (Trimmed Integer Preliminary Structures). The outcome: the greek-language consists of 63 million primary words-not counting the secondary ones. The English one, consists of 670.000 words (total), and a respectfull amount of those are Greek (326.000 estimated). That is close to 50%. Go study MissKK. I am the last person on the globe who whould request a war or so, but i just can`t stand still when someone keeps insulting this country, without even having a set of derietives handy. Keep your eyes peeled prior to returning this credit...
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