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Subject: What would Turkey do if USA and Israel went to war with Iran and/or Syria?
jofredes    7/20/2004 7:02:07 AM
The Turks didn't help the Americans during the invasion of Iraq, would the Turks do anything if Israel and/or the US invaded Iran and/or Syria?
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ilpars    RE:What would Turkey do if USA and Israel went to war with Iran and/or Syria?   7/20/2004 7:42:41 AM
Turkey and Israel have an aliance against Syria. So if Israel will go to war against Syria yes. On the other hand USA and Turkey has a defensive alliance. If USA will attack, Turkey has no obligation to enter war. Turkish government is highly pro-American. If USA will not do any political blunder like they did before GW2, Turkey may enter the war. One problem is Turkey did have recently get understanding from both Iran and Syria in Turkish war against PKK. So, Turkey do not have a casus belli against these countries. USA must find some solid proof against these countries that clearly shows that they are supporting terrorism. An UN decision will be preferable. Last time against Iraq US did not have it. A side note; Turkey did send soldiers to Afganistan. A Turkish general commanded the UN forces at Afganistan prevously, another commander will again command the force next year.
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okurc    RE:What would Turkey do if USA and Israel went to war with Iran and/or Syria?   2/4/2005 3:25:20 AM
Türkiye - Iran border has not changed for over 350 yrs. (Kasr-ı Şirin Treaty (1639)). If anything like that happens, Turkish government will definetly back up Iran not because our historical tides but it will definetly be another unjust action. Since it's a common mistake that US does, ignoring middleeast historical facts.
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ret13f     UN   3/11/2005 6:02:31 PM
Well, in fact, the UN did authorize the Iraq invasion, beginning with the 1991 ceasefire. What are those mideast historical facts that the USA ignores?
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