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dewi    7/15/2004 9:16:32 AM
Two screnarios relating to the effects of Turky in the EU exerpt of "Exerpts From Expedient policies and the War Against Islam Terrorism" published at A horrific mistake which is currently being promoted by President Bush and many of the European politicians is the admittance of Turkey to the European Union. Europe already is at peril due to its irresponsible immigration policies having allowed for large Islamic communities to form within its borders, which as earlier shown constitute a fifth column undermining Europe’s internal security strongly hampering its ability to effectively defend itself from Islamic imperialism. Turkey currently is being praised as living proof of how an Islamic Democracy can exist and serve as a shining example for the Middle East. Certainly it is true that the State of Ataturk is a secular one with strong ties to the West, just like pre-Islam Revolution Iran was considered a stabilizing factor in the region. Just like Iran under the Shah the Turkish State rests on an enlightened ruling elite reinforced by a well organized and rather repressive security system, not unlike the Iranian Savak, which until now has shown to be effective in curtailing Islam from becoming predominant. In fact Turkish policies towards Islamisation of the State are much harsher by far as in Europe and The States. Paradoxical in order for Turkey to be considered acceptable to the European Union it is urged to cut down on its curtailment of the Islam as a political factor and thereby removing the very instruments which have been proven effective in the past. Two basic scenarios can be identified, each of which will proof disastrous to the European identity, internal security and integrity: 1. The Turkish secular state survives due to strong internal policies curtailing the threat of an Islamic revolution. The direct consequence of which consists of migration of Turkish Muslim Activists into the rest of Europe where legislation is far more favorable for organization and development of the required infra-structure for activism. Due to the right of each Union Citizen to migrate into any of the Union States while exercising full citizens rights in their new country of residence, there is no legal means stopping Islamic groups establishing themselves in EU countries lacking suitable legislation curtailing their strive for the establishment of an Islamic State. Given that most European Countries already are cursed by large Islamic Communities that at least to a degree act as an fifth column the prospect of a dramatically increased size of such Communities is detrimental to any attempt to deal with the threat posed by Islam terrorism while rendering a policy assimilation, an indispensable requirement as outlined previously, hopeless from the start. 2. The Turkish State, due to increased internal pressures in conjunction with EU imposed weakening of the internal security system, at some point in time turns into an Islamic State, either by popular vote or an Iranian styled revolution, a strong Islamic Fundamentalist fraction would take seat in the European Parliament which would link up with Islamic parties in some of the member states, such as for example the AEL in Belgium. This in conjunction with a very serious growth of Islamic Communities in the member states would turn Europe practically defenseless. The full article can be found at
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ilpars    Turkish entrance to EU is benefictary to both sides.   7/15/2004 9:34:04 AM
This from my answer to Alexis in NATO board after a similar question. Alexis. It is an excellent post. These are the 4 main objections against Turkey's entry to EU. And you explained them simply and throughly. 1) In fact historically and culturally Turkey as a land is a part of Balkans not Middle_east. From the times of the Hittites. Turks are culturally very close to Greeks and Bulgarians but almost alien to Arabs. 2) An unknown fact is Turks in Turkey are culturally more advanced then Turks immigrated to Europe at 60's and 70's. Mostly because of minority mentality. They sticked to their old traditions while in Turkey traditions were revolutiased. Now in Turkey you can see a girl with a mini-skirt even in small towns. That is something can not be seen at 70's Turkey. A new immigrant wave to Europe from Turkey will have a benefit for Europe to break minority mentality of the Turks of Europe. When Turks lost their minority mentality they are great for adopting into other cultures. For example Turks living USA and Australia are so adopted into local populace that you can not understand that they are Turk until they tell you their name. Also Turkey probably will accept a special Turkey case limit to immigration. For Turkey the long run is that matters. Turkey onlt wants a guarantee from EU that Turkey will be in EU in the future. 3) Turkey is not poorer than the other 10 countries that are newly accepted into EU and have a more dynamic economy. With EU's expertise, Turkish economy can develop very rapidly. 4) The best side is both secularists and non-secularists wants to enter EU. Both sides see EU as a good and fair arbiter in their internal problems. Turkish non-secularists wants to develop into a movement similar to Christian Democrats. So, entrance into EU will more stabilise Turkey. One unknown fact is Turkish army is not happy to be of their keeper role. They want that Civil Public Organisations will take over this resðonsibility in a democratic way. Entrance to EU will also strenghten this iniative recently (last 15 years) seen in Turkish democracy. So with entrance into EU, Turkish army could fully concentrate on their real purpose of existance. To pretect the nation from external threats. Additional benefits to EU from Turkish entrance: 1. Turkish army is one of the world's best. EU will need it in the future. 2. Turkish political connections at Asia and Africa. Sad but true . French and British imperial ambitions still remembered at many parts of World. Turkey has much better relations with many of them. For example: Turkey is one of the very few countries who has very good relations with both Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. One of the few countries allied to USA and have good relations with China and Cuba.
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