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Subject: southeast
kane    4/3/2006 9:01:53 AM
WTF is going on!Those seperatists make me crazy afer þemdinli they accused our general AKP is USA's dog.They're both trying to seperate Turkey.They're helping Kurdistan. Kurds are rioting in diyarbakýr and other cities everyday.They are firing at our police and soldiers but our soldiers and police forces can not answer them back.PKK is provacating.USA is supporting them. WHY CAN'T we answer them back!!!!police arrested many of them with G3s and weapons-bombs +how can a governer come out and say i support PKK,turkish army is killing our warriors?!?!?!?How can they say we are followers of ÞEYH SAÝT?!? and WHY don't our PM does something about it.Why doesn't he support our army(defenders of democracy and kemalism) because that religious man and his religious party is also seperatist!.They won't help army.Our generals will be accused of war crimes that they didn't commit. can't you see that they are triying to weaken our army to seperate Turkey into pieces?! >and what is this!!!(for turkish users)
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U.S.A    RE:southeast   4/19/2006 8:43:58 AM
are you idiot man??
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kane       10/6/2006 3:32:16 AM
I don't hate any Kurd.I only hate Kurds who hate Turks.I have many Kurd friends and they know what PKK is.
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