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Subject: Turkish General accused of war-crimes
Schackleford    3/9/2006 2:15:11 AM
I'd love to hear what Kane and Pars have to say about this. Apparently, the cat is getting out of the sack on Turkey's less-then-perfect treatment of their Kurdish minority: Which links to: I'm only glad to see that the legal system in Turkey is working, and that high-ranking military officers are not above the law, although I wonder what horrors this case will unravel?
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akyýldlýz    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   3/9/2006 3:16:19 PM
ofcourse high-military ranking officers are not above the law, turkey is rebuplic and everyone is equal here. also that case is very simple thing and there is nothing to exaggerate about this. and media just exaggerate things and confuse them
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Pseudonym    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   3/10/2006 7:06:05 AM
So the Military is going to follow up and prosecute then.
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akyýldlýz    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   3/10/2006 4:14:37 PM
thats what we are going to make. "to follow up and prosecute"
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Pars    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   3/12/2006 4:53:40 PM
In Turkish law system every accusation is followed. Once the wheels of legal bureacracy is started, there is no stopping it. There have been some rumours about that subject in the past but no hard evidence. I wonder if there is any now.
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ozyaman    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   3/27/2006 7:37:46 AM
You're misinformed. Here is some clarification: 1. Said general was accused of forming a criminal organization in pursuit of personal gains. Not of war crimes. 2. Allegations were brought forward by a known PKK (a terrorist organization, for those who are not familiar) supporter, which is not surprising since said person was banned from government contracts at the time by the general in question. 3. Allegations were later dropped on grounds that they lacked merit. Also due to the fact that penal procedure was not duly followed (according to Penal Procedure Code, prosecutors cannot file charges absent material evidence that justifies action, whereas the prosecutor in question based the indictment exclusively on hearsay by impartial parties, and included an extensive "commentory on the state of policy" regarding the southeast part of Turkey. In fact, the indictment resembles a political manifesto (of PKK)) 4. In fact, when the indictment first showed up, the Public Prosecutor who prepared the indictment stated to reporters that "they brought [the text of the indictment] before me, I didn't put this together." He later denied having said those, yet his said statement was all over the papers. So, who is "they?" Answer is below. The above three points were facts, and the following is the impressions I have: 1. The whole mascarade was plotted by the Undersecretary of Prime Ministry, a known and outspoken hater of Atatürk, who wrote an article claiming that "... The Republic of Turkey was an anomaly, which expired its term of usefulness. Now, it is time to establish a rightful Islamic state in Turkey, in place of the Republic." These folks (Islamic radicals) are known to be accomplices of Kurdish separatists and this is yet another occasion in which their aims coincide: the destruction of the Republic and establishment of a puppet muslim state in Turkey, akin to UAE, Kuwait etc., which would operate within the confines of its role in the Greater Middle East conspiracy of the USA. 2. The allegations against the general in question was based on the testimony of said PKK supporter, who had testified before a committee of legislators investigating a matter that is irrelevant to aforementioned charges. In fact, the head of said committee (who is a legislator of the governing party) had forwarded said testimony to the prosecutor in violation of code of conduct (of National Assembly), which is indicative of the conspiracy that had been plotted by AKP (the governing party) officials, who are known Atatürk and republic-haters who seek the destruction of the Republic so as to establish a radical Islamic state in its place. 3. In other words, hit the fan now. And I assure you, it all smeared up on the face of conspirators, who seek to weaken Turkish Armed Forces through false allegations, hoping at least to weaken Armed Forces through slender. The prime minister is the probable conspirator behind all these. Nevertheless, this conspiracy shall soon be brought before Justice. regards
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kane    RE:Turkish General accused of war-crimes   4/3/2006 8:48:04 AM
there are more things in that event and they're not good for Turkey's future
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