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Subject: New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey
Clausewitz    2/14/2006 4:55:08 AM
There is a new popular movie in Turkey. The movie is very popular for turks living in Germany too (shown in turkish). The movie shows bad westerners (americnas and jews)conducting murder and torture in Irak. Brave turks kill the bad westerners (americans and a jewish doc from Tel aviv who trades with the kidneys of his victims). German magazines (Der Spiegel - the mirror - a mor left leaning paper)are reporting that at the end of the movie while the bad westerners are killed by brave turks the turkish youth will stand and cry "god is great". I am fed up with these assholes (I do not dislike all turks, that would be a racist behavior) and am more and more convinced that Turkey does not belong to Europe (because so many of its citizen are like thes roque youth cinema crowd).
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kane    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/14/2006 9:28:01 AM
film is an anti-american film but it is not it's purpose.The reason it has too many fans is the guy starring.He was very famaous because of valley of the wolves and the movie was a different version of made lots of money blabla this is just a movie you can make comments but you shouldn't mix it with real life.It shows how things go in Iraq.Everyday at least 20 people dies in there and we can't say that american soldiers are good to iraqi people. Even the peacefull iraqis do not want american becasue they cause terror and hatred.Why don't they leave-i don't know it is a bit like RAMBO the guy kills everyone alone.It's very unrealistic as it was in normal valley of the wolves. this was about honor of arrested Turksih soldiers.Turks are very angry at americans because of this event happened 2003.Americans treated Turkish soldier like they were terrorist+they knew they were Turkish soldiers. haven't you ever watched an american movie that one guy kills all the muslims. i watched too many infamaous and unrealistic movies like this. +this is a new film for Turkish cinema because we don't spend to much money to movies but this one did.Turkish cinema is coming to a good position and i'm very proud of it.
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Clausewitz    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/14/2006 11:32:47 AM
The movie seems to have an open anti western and anti semetic attitude. And the crowd cheers. That's a real problem for me. Rambo and the like got an anti communist attitude. That's right. I do not have problems with an anti communist attitude. That is the difference. People who cheer anti western and anti semetic movies should seek it's friends in Iran and not in the west or in the European Union.
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kane    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/14/2006 11:51:20 AM
they hate the things happened in the past.They see the reality and they cheer. In politics no one can be real friends.Every country thinks itself.Every good friend is actually enemy of each other. U.S supported us after WW2 and we were very good friends with them but after vietnam we became enemies and then we become allies again. now we are in good relations with them but this can not guarantee our future. best example=relations between France and England** a possible scenerio: USA:Turks are not givig rights to the ethnics.They are killing Kurds......... a warning USA:our planes are ready Turkey should give rights the real thing is-the rich energy source in Turkey (this was a stupid example but why can't it happen) we should be in good relations with west and east,choosing a side will damage us a lot. i think movie has truth in it.These are known bad things about americans,there should be more we don't know of course there are good things too i think you should get on with that movie.It's the idea of the scenerio writers.We must respect it as i did to many infamaous or famaous american movies.
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Clausewitz    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/14/2006 12:25:03 PM
Well, Turkey is a free contry. I do not doubt the right to produce such films. I just have a problem with the attitude of the cheering crowds. But you are right that we should not exaggerate this event.
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Scratchie    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/19/2006 8:35:47 PM
Well...Clausewitz, how about the movie called "midnight express"? What kind of attitude does it present against Turkey?
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Clausewitz    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/20/2006 4:38:08 AM
Sorry, I don't know "midnight espress". And one bad movie is no excuse for another one I guess. Sure, some western movies usded fascists and communists as puppets of evil. But fascists and communists simply are evil, so some exaggered movies do no real harm to truth. No race or people or culture should be offended by them. But "valley of the wolves" intentionally lies (about the situation in Irak) and provokes antisemitic and anti western emotions. If Turkey would confront itself with the armenian genocide they would have no need to enjoy themselves en masse with racist anti western movies. That is the most efficient to stay out of the EU. I am fine with that.
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Scratchie    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/20/2006 12:26:10 PM
I didn't give "Midnight Express" as an excuse for "Valley of the Wolves". I just wanted to point out that whenever Turkiye does something (like producing this movie for instance)that is not honored by the Western countries, we get hammered for that. It's just a movie for god's sake. And I am pretty sure that it has some reality in it. You have no idea what's going on in Iraq, neither do I. You can't just defend something that you know nothing about. EU? I don't want it, and believe me most of my people don't want it. We don't need you. You don't need us. Plain simple.
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Titan    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/20/2006 5:43:18 PM
As if Turks are innocent. A friend of mine knows a Turkish soldier who told him about the crimes of the Turkish army against the Kurdish population. This soldier said that they were ordered to kill every Kurd whom they "suspected" to aid terrorists. And so they did, he said we committed many atrocities, we shot people at the slightest suspect. My point is that every country has its good and bad sides, it's ridiculous to only fingerpoint to other countries.
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Scratchie    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey   2/20/2006 6:47:31 PM
As if Turks are innocent? Huh! You are a Turk also. If my country would fall in the hands of yours, you would probabily give it away. God damn it people! These people are trying to divide a country under "freedom's wings". See what happened after sept 11th? The US started to look at muslims in a different, more suspicious way. Muslims are the one who go through the toughest times to get into the USA legally. Everytime an ethnic group demands a land, that doesn't mean we have to or should give it away. Would the US give a piece of land to let's say Mexico out of the blue. Or India to Pakistan? It is not that easy. Ohh! "A friend of mine knows a Turkish soldier and he told him bla bla bla" My brother-in law is an officer in the army and he tells me all kinds of stuff about the Kurds also. And you got to realize that Kurdish people are drafted too. Put that in mind. They just have to learn to live with us.
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Clausewitz    RE:New anti western hate movie a success in Turkey - to Scratchie   2/21/2006 11:44:16 AM
Scratchie wrote: "They just have to learn to live with us." So the turks have to learn to live with the kurds. The kurds are no migrants who have to accept the dominant culture of their country of choice. Like the armenians I may add. Turkey should discuss the atrocities done to armenians and kurds (what some turks do even at court where with NGO's help were talks of turkish army units comitting crimes against humanity by ethnic cleaning crimes against kurdish villages) . That really would be helpful for a peaceful future. But cheering crowds in a anti western hate movie are no sign for a bright future (again: I have no problem with the film itself because I admit the freedom of art, speech and expression). At the moment it is fine that there is nearly a kurdish state in northern Irak which is under western protection. If all kurds want to live in a common state I understand that wish. Turkey, Iran, Irak and Syria all surpressed kurds. So their wish for freedom and peace in a common kurdish state is what you should expect. And who knows. I don't think that Turkey will ever be a EU-member. But with a continued surpression of the kurds there even will be no chance at all. And who knows the fate of Syria and Iran if a war with the west would start about the nuke program. Until then the kurds are the best agents of the west in that region.
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