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Subject: Curious Paradox - The Case of Indo-Pak and EU-Turkey
PeregrinePike    12/14/2005 4:11:00 PM
Curious Paradox - The Case of Indo-Pak and EU-Turkey... It is ofeten said (and you may correct me on this) that the best European Union can ever hope to be as a political identitiy is that it would become another India. Its a very fitting anology, if you are open minded about it from a purely political stand-point. But here is the twist to the tale: India is amongst the poorest nations (as a factor of its population, not absolute wealth) on earth, while European Union is amongst the richest. A whole fraction of India's former border-line (Pakistan and Bangladesh) population has fled (and some are still trying to flee) from the Indian Union even before it was born. While on the other hand Europe's future border-line population (i.e Turkey) is trying to get into the Union. Add to the anology the fact that these border-line nations also happen to be pre-dominantly Islamic, which is becomming less of an issue given the large Muslim population already inside India and EU, but still influences the decision making on the whole because of its homogeneity. My question to you comes from two perspectives: 1. If European economy turns bad and there is say a foreign invasion of Europe, and Turks are initially given a better chance at sruvival on their own -- would the Turks opt to stay with EU or would they turn to their Asian and Middle-Eastern root as Pakistan has done? 2. If Indian economy manages to keep up its boom-growth and build a powerful state would the Pakistanis try to get back into the Indian Union - stressing their commonalities and downplaying past conflict like Turkey is doing today? Your thoughts are welcome. I am also posting this on the Armed Forces of the World board to get a broader perspective.
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Schackleford    RE:Curious Paradox - The Case of Indo-Pak and EU-Turkey   12/15/2005 4:19:31 AM
An interesting analogy...
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Pars    RE:Curious Paradox - The Case of Indo-Pak and EU-Turkey   12/15/2005 12:54:03 PM
1. Turkey's connection with Middle-East ended when Arabs fought on the side of Britain at WW1. At the end of WW2, British ambassador asked what would be Turkish response if Britain let an Israel nation to be founded; Turkish answer was Turkey had no interest in Middle-East and simply not care which nation would be founded there. 2. Turkey had no past conflict with any European nation since WW1. On the other hand nations of EU were in war against each other in WW2. IMO, the EU-Turkey problem is economic in its root. Turkey entrance into EU might unbalance EU economy but EU might need Turkey in the future as Turkish economy is more dynamic and have a youger population. So EU is in a waiting game. No denial and no entrance.
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