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Subject: Turkey Is Not an Islamýc Country!!!!!!!
kane    11/30/2005 8:58:08 AM
99 percent of Turkey is Muslim but this does not mean it is an islamic country. As Atatürk said Turkey has no religion everybody in Turkey is/are(bad grammar :D) free to choose his/her religion. Government's jobs and religion must not be mixed.Our leader(R.Tayip Erdoðan) is a religious man but even he can not change the LAWS of Turkey. important laws(these can not be changed.NEVER) *Turkey is a republic and it is using DEMOCRACY. *government and religious things can not be mixed. So don't mix us with MANY other Muslim countries. +If someone tries to change these THE ARMY would never let them do it.Because generals in Turkey are the most Atatürk-lover people in Turkey.(high ranking generals warned Tayip many times) But our leader has a good side.He defends our nation and he speaks well. this is to destroy bad thoughts about Turkey thx if you read it.
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WeAreCured    RE:Turkey Is Not an Islamýc Country!!!!!!!   11/30/2005 6:01:46 PM
Yeah, my dad wasn't a Muslem. I can't stand how all my friends give me crap, just joking around but still, about terrorist BS. I've got straight black hair and a thick black beard, so if I don't shave for 3 or 4 days my friends all start to nag me and call me a terrorist. Not real funny to me, but they find it hilarious, probably because I get mad.
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JIMF    RE:Turkey Is Not an Islamýc Country!!!!!!!   11/30/2005 6:07:26 PM
I saw an educational TV program recently saying that unlike the U.S., Turkey could never have a statement such as "In God We Trust" on their currency. Also I believe traditional Islamic dress is not allowed in government buildings.
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Cato    RE:Turkey Is Not an Islamýc Country!!!!!!!   11/30/2005 6:07:46 PM
Yeah, at one point there used to be a TON of Armenian one point. Cato
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Pars    RE:Cato   11/30/2005 7:59:43 PM
There are many Armenian Christian, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant Christian and Suryani in Turkey. And they all have their churches and freely live as they like their religion. In Turkey, Ottoman Empire and Seljuks it was always free to live your religion as you like for the last 1000 years. In the last 1000 years Anatolia never witnesses religious discrimination unlike most of the rest of the world. Try to know what you are talking about. It is wiser.
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Cato    RE:Cato   11/30/2005 8:47:17 PM
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Cato    RE:Turkey Is Not an Islamýc Country!!!!!!!   11/30/2005 8:54:43 PM
Sorry for the double post, I understand full well that the Ottoman Empire was multi-cultural, multi-ethinc, and for the majority of its history, more tolerant religoeusly than any European state. However, I wouldn't bring the line of Turkey as a bastion of rectitude and understanding to Watertown, Mass. or Fresno California. As to Turkey being or not being an Islamic country, I'm not sure that you (meaning your countrymen) have made up your minds about it yet. I certainly look forward to getting a better idea, as I'm visiting Istanbul and the Ionian coast in April. See ya' then. Cato
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Pars    RE:Cato   12/2/2005 5:15:54 PM
I suggest you to come at summer. I am sure you will change your opinion when you see lots of beatiful girls in bikinis at the coast. :)
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Cato    RE:Cato...Pars   12/2/2005 5:23:46 PM
I would if I could, brother, but the trip is set in stone. If I changed my itinerary, I would lose my free place to stay. I have several friends who think that the Ionian Coast (sorry, don't know the Turkish term for it) is the Garden of Eden. They did, however, advise me to stay away from the Anatolian hinterland. No problem, I'm a beach person;)! Have you traveled in the U.S. Pars? Cato
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Pars    RE:Cato...Pars   12/2/2005 7:37:16 PM
Every year to Historicon.
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