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Subject: Military set to have a coup if need be?
Elbandeedo    11/8/2002 7:15:34 AM
Interesting article here: the head of Turkeys armed forces basically tells the islamist fundamentalists who won the elections, "Ok, you won. don't get y and mess with anything or you'll lose the hard way." Or that's my read of it. E.
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Military set to have a coup if need be?   11/10/2002 2:48:00 AM
That's been the history of the military's relationship with the government in Turkey for the last several times the Islamist parties have made major poll gains, so there's some definite justification for that reading of it. Two things separate this instance: the scope of the AKP's victory (it could only be called an upheaval), and the tone of the AKP since winning. One would expect them to be very anti-EU; instead, they've become very pro-EU and it's been the EU (in the form of such people as former French President Girard D'Estaing) who have become more hostile to Turkish membership. Thus far, the AKP spokesmen have spoken the language of conciliation and cooperation with the West, despite winning a formidable mandate. They intend to work with NATO, they intend to keep working with the EU (even as the EU refuses to work with them), they intend to maintain a generally capitalist economic structure, and so on. If these turn out to be more than empty words, then we really don't have a whole lot to worry about, and neither does the Turkish military. The AKP is certainly not going to take it easy on the Kurds, but the army by and large certainly has no problem with that. --Phoenix Rising
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Elbandeedo    RE:Military set to have a coup if need be?   1/6/2003 10:10:33 AM
Phoenix, I remember visiting (HA!) a small Turkish town on the Black Sea coast and they are very, very, fundamentalist in those outlying areas (read anywhere there is not a big city). A friend of mine came back to base one evening claiming a (he said Iranian) guy had shoved a pistol in his face, ed it, then walked away laughing. :::shrug::: It's a coin toss. I knew some very 'urbane' Turks and I met some that really hated the west. I'm keeping an eye on it, and I hope for the best, for the sake of friends left behind, but not forgotten. E.
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Jeff from Michigan    Military Coup? I hope not   3/2/2003 7:19:31 PM
I hope that there is no coup even if it does help the United States. The government has really tried to be a good ally. Barring some overt Islamic act the government should be left alone. What the U.S. does not want to be identified with is that it rather deal with dictators than democratically elected governments. If we really want to transform this region democracy has to be supported even when it is not convenient to us. I always thought it was mistake that the U.S. did not actively condemn the voiding the Algerian election by the military in 1992 which would have put Islamists in charge. We could have put a microscope on them and forced them to govern. Reality really bites for many purists when they have to be in charge of picking up the garbage, keep the roads openned and settling domestic disputes. One of the reasons that Osama could be the purist he was is that he never had to govern. So with that a coup would be a very bad thing for the United States. Even now the governing elites in Turkey are having some "anxiety" about the vote. It looks like the Kurds may have more room for self governing. I have to applaud how mature the Bush administration has behaved about this reversal in diplomacy. No cowboy bravado or chest thumping or hand wringing about the vote. Just an attitude of moving on.
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turkiye    RE:Military set to have a coup if need be?   5/29/2003 2:26:16 AM
I think it is extremly likely that something will happen. The turks are upset with the US, they made a massive miscalculation over the Iraq war. The new govt beleived that the us could not have the war without Tu's participation. It was very difficult without the Turks' co-operation. Secondly, the new govt has islamic roots. Ataturk, their great defender, said that the govt & religion must be seperate. All the members of the AK party, the party of govt, are married to women who wear turbans. If you wear the turban tied under the chin it shows that you are islamic. If you are islamic you cannot attend uni, become a govt officer or visit any govt office. Last month at some officail function, the speaker of the parliamnet wouldn't attend a function because some of the wives would be attending. I feel sure something will happen. Hope it is not a coup as this will put further presssure on the TL.
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alt10    RE:Military set to have a coup if need be? Probably Not   6/27/2003 9:49:20 PM
Historicaly speaking, the Turkish military is viewed as sort of the "guardians" of Turkey. The Military holds a lot of power, but ONLY uses it when it is deemed absolutely necessary for the sake of the republic. The last coup was in the late 70s when the collapsing Turkish govt was overcome by coruption. Once the Military saw that the current government was not functioning it took over in a non-violent coup, set up martial law for a year, and soon after a new constitution was drafted along with the formation of a new government. But in todays situation of the Turkish Govt it is extremely unlikely that a coup will occur. Though the AK party has islamist roots, the majority of its members are forward thinking secularists. With the AK party supporting NATO, EU Membership, and a fix to the economy, the Turkish military is pleased in what it sees. So most likely all the Turkish military is going to do is just keep a distant watch on the AK party.
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Thomas    RE:Military set to have a coup    6/30/2003 5:09:53 AM
You've got to remember that Turkey is really two parts: The western - which is very modern and the eastern - wich at places is pure medieval.
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Balthor    RE:Military set to have a coup if need be? Probably Not   2/5/2004 6:57:06 PM
Very good observation alt10... You hit it right on the nose.
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