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Subject: The rise of ISLAMIST Turkey
Ezekiel    2/2/2009 6:08:10 AM
The AKK parties populist rise to power, and its marginalization of the military to further consolidate its power. Today, with Erdogan's absurd behavior at Davos and subsequent and previous comments regarding Israeli action vis-a-vis Hamastan. Is it safe to say that Turkey is going the way of Islamism and forgetting the legacy of Ataturk??? If so how will this effect the balance of forces in the region???
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kane       2/15/2009 7:41:06 AM
well if that is the case &&05;'m going to be the first to fight against the new order...but I doubt it. Even though country moved to the religious side a little, it's not that big currently but a threat nevertheless.
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Photon       2/17/2009 10:25:02 PM
Erdogan, AKK & Co.:  A bunch of schmucks trying to ride the wave of anti-Israel sentiment within vocal population and mass media.  Finger-pointing Israel for the Gaza War is no better than a pot calling a kettle black.  Got slapped back by Israel with regards to the über-sensitive uniquely Turkish constipation known as the Turks vs. the Kurds and the Turks vs. the Armenians?  Tit for tat, and these Turkish politicos do not even have the nutsacks to suck it up.  Not to mention that Israel could care less about what the Turks do to the Kurds, any more than Turkey care about what the Israelis do to the Palestinians from strategic points of view ... LOL!
At any rate, deliberately pissing off Israel may be what these assholes are really after.  Any Turkish politician will have to wave the flag when foreigners criticize Turkey for its maligned history vis-á-vis Kurdistan and Armenia.  Pretty darn sleazy, but hey ... it works.
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Thomas    As a Dane   6/9/2009 1:28:55 PM
Some of our turk friends - in Turkey - has asked me about the cartoons.
I very simply answered, that I personally found it a much bigger problem, that Erdogan could not keep religion and state seperate - which was a point Atatürk tried to make. And I must say it cannot be a Danish problem that the prime minister of Turkey is at odds with the Turkish Constitution!
This directly led to more civilised conversation - in my very rotten Turkish.
Turkey doesn´t seem to understand, that Denmark is one of the few countries, that appreciate the problems Turkey have.
We do support a modern Turkey; but will not pay for a köylular domination.
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guechevara       3/9/2010 5:15:09 PM
Erdogan's behavior at Davos was nothing else than right. One important thing CNN did not translate is that he also clearly said Israel new well how to kill. Being a peace lover, if he lived today Ataturk would tell the same. Israel is committing unhuman atrocities against the Palestinians, simply because, it can.
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