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Subject: Aegean Conflict Simulation    3/18/2008 7:08:57 AM
I have a monster wargame project which is starting about rightnow. It is the simulation of a conflict in the Aegean which sees Greece and Turkey as the starting actors. I will be posting about the operations, and if someone gets interested, any suggestions regarding operations to undertake, force management and everything else will be nore than welcome. Comments and criticism is welcometoo. All the units have fictional names, exept for some naval units. Any other denominations which by chance matches its real counterpart is accidental. "The Khania Incident". The following action took place presumably about 200 kilometers nortwest of the Island of Crete on a Friday morning. It was the 19th of June 2009. This is the (unfortunately) incomplete registration of the Khania Incident. According to the information released during the press conference following the incident, “Pirate” was an Embraer EMB-145 Airborne Radar of the Ellenic Air Force, and “Shadow” was a flight of F-16D Block 52 Plus also of the Ellenic Airforce. Greek Authorities never disclosed any details on the nature and composition of the aggressors. “Shadow leader, this is Pirate. Tracking multiple inbound comets bearing two seven niner, altitude seven five double zero, distance one four eight. We are copying Thessaloniki air control, asking for a visual. Vector nine four, match altitude…repeat match altitude. Assignment code green, radars off. confirm Shadow leader”. “Roger Pirate, Assignment code green, vector nine four radars off”. “Leader to shadows: Intercept formation one eight four, repeat one eight four, mil power, interception vector nine four, execute on my order……..go ! “Shadow leader this is pirate illuminate !! illuminate !! we are tracking multiple swords heading your direction !!!!”. “Jester two this is shadow leader disengage !!! repeat disengage !!!” “Shadow leader to everybody, assume combat formation we are under attack !!” “Pirate this is Shadow…release permission request !! Repeat release permission request !! Code Red one. We got a volley of I don’t know what, but at this distance, probably SPARROWS or AMRAAMs, Jester two is gone. No ejection, I repeat no ejection. I’m deploying my birds for action, over” “Roger Shadow, this is pirate. We visualize comets in full retreat 59 kilometers east of your position. We are now bridging in Thessaloniki Control, over”. “Shadow leader this is God. Retreat on quadrant one seven five, assume CAP order task around AWACS assets in the quadrant. Release permission denied, repeat release permission denied, confirm, over. End of the Registration
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23rd of June 2009


   Heavy fighting has been reported yesterday between Turkish and Greek military forces 150 km north west of the Rodhos island, and this time it didn?t appear to be an incident.

   According to the Turkish Armed force speaker, the Greeks perpetrated a flagrant act of war yesterday at dawn, when various sections of Hellenic F-16s and Mirages tried to penetrate a defensive belt of Turkish fighters protecting a Boeing 737 Airborne Radar aircraft.

   According to the speaker, the Turkish Air Force responded to the attack, and a fierce combat erupted in the Southern Aegean Sea skies. Always according to the Turkish speaker, the Greeks lost five combat jets, and more important, two of their precious AWCS planes. To quote the exact words, the Turkish speaker said with a certain emphasis that ?the Turkish Air Force thought a lesson to the Greeks that they will not easily forget? A Turkish officer, present during the press conference,  reported that his F-16 flight was on a routine air patrol south of his home base (not specified), when he received a flash warning from Airborne Radar about multiple intruders coming in fast. In the ensuing combat his flight shot down at least a Mirage 2000, with another one probable. The same Turkish pilot officer declared that the Hellenic aircrafts were operating at the very limit of their combat radius, which prevented them from fighting effectively, while the Turks could maneuver freely and dictate the geometry of the engagement, having just been refueled by their air tankers.

   In an evening speech to the nation, the Turkish President declared that this act of war will not go unpunished and that he and his government will discuss about the ?measures? to be taken against the Greek Government. The Turkish president commented that the ? multi secular? situation of injustice and hypocrisy in the international order established between the two countries must be addressed once and for all.


The Greek version of the incident has been disclosed only three hours ago, when the Commander in Chief of the Greek armed forces, issued a very, very short declaration. He admitted that the yesterday air operation has been organized has as a ?retaliation? in response to the act of war his country has been subjected to last week. He emphasized that his country acted in accordance to the international law, who guarantees the right of self defense ?reprisal? against an act of war by another state. On the other hand, he  firmly refused to give any details about the operation or to comment about the Greek casualties claimed by the Turks. He limited himself on commenting about the usual Turk?s ?big mouth?.

 ?We don?t have any need or urgency to publicize our success: we leave this practice to the Turks, who are expert at it? he retorted to a journalist who asked him to reply to the Turkish version of the yesterday battle.


The United Nations, the European Union, the OCSE and The UEO have expressed all their concern for the present situation in the Aegean. The Governments of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania have announced a higher level of alert for their respective armed forces. No official news yet from the White House. The Secretary of State, while expressing all his concern for the explosive Aegean situation, declared that the US president is still evaluating the situation with all his allies,  Greece and Turkey included.

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