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Subject: Mali: Combat Buys Times for Diplomacy
SYSOP    1/16/2013 9:26:16 AM
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Shirrush    Crever l'abcès.   1/16/2013 11:06:47 AM
French for "lancing the boil". I was not expecting François Hollande, the newly-elected French Socialist President, to grow a pair at all, but he has, and a lot sooner than could be hoped for. The intervention North of the Macina was certainly triggered by a dire emergency on the ground, and what remains to be seen is whether the French army's deployment is sufficiently vigorous and determined to defeat the insurgency. To date, the numbers seem to indicate that such a victory is not in the cards, although the military forces from the ECOWAS neighboring countries, and maybe those of additional, i.e, European, allies are still to reach the theater. What the French action in Mali will probably achieve, however, is an early maturation of the Islamist abcess in France itself. The AQ affiliate groups that have been incubating in France's numerous urban and suburban Mu... will most certainly respond to the situation in Mali with terrorist violence, thus prepping the French public opinion for the inevitable and brutal crackdown by the government and its armed forces. No right-wing government could ever have achieved that, but the fact that the Left is in power, along with the shock and the horror of the coming terror attacks, will probably silence most of the virtuous indignation of the chattering classes and make possible an attempt by the goverment to reinstate the Republic's sovereignty in what they call the "Zones Urbaines Sensibles" (ZUS, sensitive urban areas), a politically-correct term designating the heavily-armed no-go zones in which the French authorities have held no sway for decades, and which have been taken over by a coalition of petty criminals and Wahabbi and Salafi preachers.
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avatar3    The Sleeper Awakens   1/18/2013 2:00:43 PM
I am not French or know anything about French domestic problems. But, I do know this. Half a century ago I served with French forces in another African hell hole. Aside from our own troops they were the finest soldiers I have ever had the honor of working with. Given political backing from their government and material backing from the US they will maximize their accomplishments in the shortest possible time period. French forces are old skilled Africa hands. I hope the Sleeper has awoken and has decided that it is time for France to be great again,
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gildasd       1/19/2013 5:59:40 PM
France has lots of problems concerning security, especially concening petty crime. But concerning organised terrorism we do have a "silver bullet" of sorts: the RG, Renseignement Généraux.
The RG concentrate al the Info from all the branches in one place and provide analysis when asked. It's not the FBI, they don't "spy" on people, analyse or judge, it only accumulate info. And if you do something wrong, they look you up and they find what they want about you real quick (remember that a lot of the intel the US and the UK displayed proudly during the could war, came form France). Officially this is only for french nationals, but it's an open secret they also do it for "persons of interest" all over the world.
So my "guess" is that for Mali, the day they got there, they had an emergency situation to cater to, but also a long list of adresses of 100% guaranted Al Quaida places to bomb. Pissing of the locals was fun for AQ, but most probably gave the RG all the info they needed. And that's what been keeping them busy for the last week.
A lot of the crazy guys on the technicals allready don't have homes to go back to, they just don't know it yet.
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