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Subject: Help me with my own WWII family history
AchtungLagg    5/5/2004 12:07:52 AM
Im sure there are people who can piece together someones war history from little bits of info i have about my grandfather. I have never spoken to him, since hes dead, all i know is that A. He was drafted in 1940 as a citizen of the Ukrainian SSR but the area belonged to Romania orinally. B. He was really tall, like 5'11, and didnt tall ppl go into gvardi regements? C. He fought at stalingrad and berlin. D. Extroadinary eyesight and observed everything to the finest detail, people talked about his good aim(could he have been a sniper)? E. Im not sure but its somewhat possible he was in the 64th army or corps or something, my mother who barely talked to him about the war said she heard the number 64 come up once in a while. F. Met Vasili Zaitsev a few times (relates to teh sniper question) G. FLuent in Romanian and German, languages of two of the major belligerents. So can any of you help piece together my family history? like what unit he probably was in, what he did, if what i said about him has any credence.
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temporary    RE:Help me with my own WWII family history   5/7/2004 9:11:17 AM
It would help if you told people his name, and the names of his relatives. The Mormon church has the largest database of family geneology in the world, and they might have something if you have family names to search under.
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