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Subject: No love for russia
tank    4/28/2004 10:50:49 PM
I talk to friends some from lithuwania and other countries around russia and no seems to like the motherland.I even see people on this board taking shots at ya.To my question has russia burned so many bridges that no one in the world communinty wants to accept you back.Do you think it is because of leadership or the way your military has conducted operations in the past or something else all together.just curios on replies.
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RussianStar    RE:No love for russia   4/28/2004 10:55:23 PM
people are making fun of our country now becouse we lost all our power.If we will get it back no one will say those things
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displacedjim    RE:No love for russia   4/28/2004 11:49:18 PM
Just like before. Displacedjim
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roadcop    RE:No love for russia? Why?   4/29/2004 1:19:08 AM
There are may people in the world who have respect or love for Russia. Serbs, Bulgarians, Indians, Vietnamese, Norwegians, French, many others.
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tank    RE:thats the question   4/29/2004 1:30:55 AM
THAT'S the question.I have a feeling alot of your neighbors are still uncertain about your intentions.My friend from lithuwania says russia gets what they deserve reffering to the current situation.I think he has hard feelings about the 1940 invasion not exactly sure what year.I did not realize russia had good relationship with france but is does surprise me.The french cozy up to anyone who they fear.aka for instance there new love for terrorists.
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roadcop    RE:thats the question   4/29/2004 3:43:51 AM
So, you agree that India or Serbia are Russian friends? What are you talking about? International relationships or just people's feelings?
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Thomas    RE:No love for russia   4/29/2004 3:58:05 AM
Roadcop, I don't think including Norway in Your list of "Russias friends" is very well considered. As there are few Norwegeans here, I take the liberty of speaking up for them. RussianStar: As displacedjim noted: That attitude is the root of your international problems - we'll make damned certain you will not be in position to threaten us again. Just like Hitlers Germany - we know what to do. Germany is today a respected member of the international community - it will take russia a major effort to get there. Roadcop: The association between France and Russia is rather old. France wanted to counterbalance Germany - and so did russia. They wanted to force Germany into a 2 front war. The Russian railway was financed by french money, all the little people lost their money in the russian revolution.
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roadcop    RE:No love for russia   4/29/2004 4:32:18 AM
Thomas: I live in Murmansk, you know. So, if I call Norway our friend, I may be right (I myself familliar with Norwegians). I can say the same thing about Finland. Dont tell me about past which is LONG gone. Russia have changed. In 1944-1945 thousands of our soldiers fell on your soil! After that was Norway annexed or occupied? No. Our troops have been moved home without any tensions. Why any Norwegian should feel hostile towards Russia? (Well, our military and industry have created some ecological problems for you, I am sorry, but we are affected by them too). You'd better come to Murmansk. There are some good places to visit and to take a couple of beer... (to know Russia better).
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tank    RE:thats the question   4/29/2004 11:19:02 AM
Overall I am more talking about international relationships, my friend is just one example of anger still to the russkies.Thomas kind of hit on my point were some of your neighbors are worried about russia regaining its power for fear of russian threat to norwegian security.Also the russian star said they won't be making fun of us when we get our strength back.I think the aggression of the old soviet goverments still has some countries in europe and asia afraid to say o.k. welcome back.For instance they still have not made russia part of nato,and the border clashes of recent have denmark on high alert.
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RussianStar    RE:thats the question   4/29/2004 7:51:01 PM
Hey rodcop I am here in Novosibirsk how is the weather?
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roadcop    RE:thats the question   4/30/2004 1:36:41 AM
Russian Star: fine, 10-12 C. Tank: ask your friend why they build monuments to SS troops in their country (and in other Baltic States). Certainly, German troops were so friendly in 1941-1944... They've defended them against Red Army, and also killed all Jews around. So, now these 80-years old vets parade on Riga's, Tallinn's and Vilno's streets with all their Hitler's medals. Russia never threatened Norwegian security. I dont think that short period of Commies' rule should negate all Russian history. Remember American Civil War, when our warships visited US ports (NY and SF) to demonstrate Russian friendship to Lincoln's administration. I think, in present we have common enemies (terrorists, fanatics, relic communist dictators) to worry about. So, strong Russia is needed for balance (against China, for ex., read "The Bear and The Dragon"). Russia just need some time to get rid of all Commies' heritage, and may be another leader (not Putin who now turns out to be far less democratic leader than Yeltsin was).
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