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Subject: Soviet Parapsychology-Scary
AchtungLagg    3/17/2004 8:46:46 PM
My father was a naval officer based in Murmansk and had a low level classified clearance, but what he knew wasnt too important so he was allowed to immigrate to the US in 74. Upon entry, he was interviewed by a CIA my father's surprise, he couldnt answer any of the agents memory block...couldnt even remember his adress where he lived for 5 years! He was eager to help his newfound country, and freaked out of his mind that he forgot so many basic facts about his life in the ussr. the agent told him that he was by far not the only one, and they suspected some sort of soviet parapsychology was at work. only a few years ago did my dad remember all the facts he forgot...he still gets nervous if you casually mention "kgb" in his presence.
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